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    I'm 35. Been a fan of Led Zeppelin since I was 14.
  1. Gemini. I'm "New age" but don't follow astrology. Not traditionally anyway. My birthday is in late May or early June. I forgot which day!
  2. Now that I think about it, the main major difference between the Outrider album and a Led Zeppelin album is the style & quality of musicians Jimmy collaborated with. (Although Jason Bonham is Led Zeppelin worthy these days and was always a good drummer.) Other than that, what is the difference?
  3. You're right, Cosmic. He certainly does. Can't say I blame him! Bands like Led Zeppelin only come around... Once.
  4. Me too. He keeps on saying since 2009 "I'm going to release a solo abum next year!" I bet $ it will be far better than Outrider. If he ever makes it. I think he's been waiting to see if he could reform Led Zeppelin and use those tracks as Zeppelin songs. That's what I think the delay is about. Plus other projects, ect.
  5. Honest opinion, I think Jimmy Page could have made a better solo album. I truly believe that. He was/is definitely capable of it. I still like the album though. I agree with everything you said there. ^ Also, another critique. For example, "Wasting My Time." Great music, great song, and great guitar playing!... With typical late 80's mediocre "hair" band vocals. But I think that track was to try to get on the Pop charts. Or I mean Jimmy's angle was to make it a more commercial track. It was released as single. Just my opinion is all. They don't mean anything. Now, I've seen/heard live shows on YT of the Outrider tour and think it's great! Should have released a double live album.
  6. Since the album was released, I thought Walking Into Clarksdale was a great album. When The World Was Young, for example, is a great song. If Led Zeppelin ever reforms and tours (they probably won't) they should throw in one of these Walking Into Clarksdale numbers every once in a while. I would.
  7. Love this band! http://youtu.be/yH475IxSMTs Thanks to board members for telling me how to post vids.
  8. I bet Phil Collins in his mind, especially in 1985, thought he was better than Led Zeppelin. But everyone knows that's not true! As for the Live Aid gig, the stars were not aligned for Led Zeppeln that day. I don't think the gig is as bad as people say it is though. For Led Zeppelin standards though, it is poor. But I still dig.
  9. A 1978 B-Movie called "Malibu Beach." The girl in the movie has a huge Led Zeppelin poster(s) on her wall. I won't post the movie here because it's rated R, has nudity, and people might not like that. But I'll post the YT search link. It's the first video in the search and the screen shot alone you can see Led Zeppelin on her wall! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=malibu+beach
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