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  1. Thanks for looking at my profile page.....I feel flabbergastedly flattered.

    1. Kathleen Mary Parker

      Kathleen Mary Parker

      It was meant to be sarcastic !

  2. To keep you amused and because you also make sounds with your mouth http://snd.sc/IckNdV

  3. Still a lot of work to be done on my dronescape, the most important thing is to get a new computer to begin with so I can pit the pieces together that I already have. after that I will add some extra layers of scary noises and theremin blurbs to the thingy.

  4. If you might read this: the intergalactic party committee wishes you a happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday, and long time no see...........how are you doing?

  6. Might you read this: Have an amazing birthday and rock hard today!

  7. The one with the pig on it is a bootleg. Since the thing is already repressed many many times before I can only conclude that you have found another new repressing which is limited (most possibly colour vinyl), these ones pop up since a few years as being releases by The Swinging Pig and The Great Kornyfone Record Label, even if these new editions were never made by the original bootleggers. Value: around 30/40 Euro at most.

    1. Alessandra Amati

      Alessandra Amati

      Thank you very much!!

  8. Have a nice birthday, wherever you may be at the moment!

  9. Happy birthday Paul.....................regards from the Netherlands, rock it!!!!

  10. Have a very happy and fantascinating birthday, oh Aquamarine.

  11. Great demo songs you posted, enjoyed it.......Yer as tight as fuck, rock it!!!!!

    1. LedZedTributeUK


      Thank you !!! check out rock n roll, now added

  12. Hello there. Since I saw that you did look at my rofile some days ago, I decided to add you as a virtual friend...........hope ya do not mind, lol. Great new profile picture, if that's really you well, then you look........uhmmmm........enchanting. Pleasure to meet you. Regards from the Netherlands, Michael Q Reswati.

  13. Hey there.....long time no speak, hope you are doing well. I am just trying to find out who of the Zep friends here are on Facebook for I finally made an account. Would be great to add you as well. you

  14. If you are still here: Happy birthday, hope you are doin' well.

    1. manderlyh


      Thanks! I am here, but this is the first time I've been online since before my birthday!

  15. Best birthday wishes to you, may all your dreams come true.

  16. Well, I saw you visited my profile yesterday ....not that it may be the most interesting thing to read in the cosmos, anyway, just wanted to tell you that you are not that average as you say that you are, since you like vinyl (great hobby, great sound, great mindvibe). Regards from Holland

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    2. reswati


      Are you to be found on Facebook btw?

    3. reswati


      This way of chatting is frustratingly slow....

    4. wrongeragurl


      Yes I am, I'm Samantha Phillips or this works too http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1495800098

  17. Thanks for your friend request, Stefania. Hope you're doing fine. I am just finishing a bottle of wine right now so....cheers to you. Do you also play drums? (just wondering). Hope that my english is readeable, since my knowledge of the Italian language is beyond minimalistic, although it sounds very beautiful.

  18. Have a wonderful birthday.....you rock!

  19. Well, happy birthday Harry....rock on!!!!

  20. Here is another cool bar that I found there.....die Bar mit dem Fluss im Tresen (lots of cool jamsessions going on there)

  21. Ow fuck.....just saw you had your birthday not so long ago, well best wishes to you even if it's a bit late. Hope everything is fine in Berlin, have you already been to the Tacheles??

  22. Zeppy birthday to you!

  23. Oh fuck....must be my freaking mind that played a trick on me. Lol.

    Well, like Alice in Wonderland I can only wish you a happy unbirthday then.

  24. Have a nice birthday, rock it man!!!

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