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  1. Ted, Given that this concert is the hottest ticket in town right now and the fact that Zep CDs are selling like hot cakes another gig surely is on the cards! Send me your address, via the private forum, and I'll send on any offical gig material I can get my hands on. In fact, if I'm let down tomorrow regards my tickets, you'll be the first person I'll contact ASAP. Sod work.....you'd be woth it
  2. I know it doesn't even come close Ted but if I get wristbanded I'd be more than happy to post it to you. If I could have been absolutely sure you'd have got in I'd have given you my ticket....no one can but admire you're absolute passion for Zep.
  3. Ted, Did anyone get back to you regards another tickets?
  4. Ted, This risks are too great! I'm coming to London with my family and so will HAVE to leave by 1700 never to return...well not on the Monday This means that if you have any flight delays and can't get to the arena for midday Sunday (I'm anticipating large queues!) there could be a scenario where the Box Office shuts and I can't return to help you out the next day. I so want to throw caution to the wind and give you the ticket but I'm worried at the financial implicatins to yourself. **IS THERE ANYONE READING THIS THAT CAN OFFER TED A LESS RISKY TICKET?????**
  5. Ted, I'm really worried that: a. You may be refused entry on the Monday as I won' be there b. I can only queue on the Sunday for tickets. c. Although I've received the email to say I'd won the ballot and purchased my tickets and then logged on to Ticket Master to access my account and verifed I had tickets - I still won't know until I present at Gate B that all is legit. I'd loved to be someone who could take the money and run but...well....I just can't I did have someone interested but they haven't got back to me and given the responses I've been getting I think it best I offe
  6. I have two tickets available (if rules permit) as I can't attend the concert on Monday. I will be at the O2 arena tomorrow (11ish) because if I can't sell 'em I'm damn well still going to get my wrist band Basically this offer has its risks: According to the recent terms and conditions I've recevied from TM it states: "Should the card holder NOT be attending the concert, they are still required to collect the tickets accompanied by the two persons who will be going to the concert." That implies to me that if I'm there picking up the tickets and showing all the necessary ID the
  7. I'm going on Sunday and I'd be more than happy to pass on both tickets if I could. Unfortunately, I won't be there on Monday so the risk would be whether you can get in without the original ticket holder on the night. Also - I'm not asking for stupid money for the tickets just face value and maybe a little extra to cover my diesel costs.
  8. I have two tickets but can't go on Monday. I can however, go on the Sunday. Can i get two people in and wristbanded and not need to attend on the Monday??? The last point on the TM email (See below) seems to imply I do but surely that's ridiculous "On the night of the show everyone will be required to present BOTH the wristband and ticket for entrance to the show. Wristbands must not be removed or tampered with prior to entering the show or your access will be refused. Original ticket holders must bring photo ID to the show as they may be required to present it upon entry to the venue.
  9. you better be wearing the biggest yellow rose I ever did see....that kinda dedication deserves a ticket
  10. If I didn't have to be there you'd have a deal! Are you going in the hope of getting in?
  11. If I were a true fan I'd leave him with a dingo!!!!! Damn the mother/son bond
  12. Sorry for the confusion - I have 2 tickets. It was meant to be a fantastic birthday present for my husband (...and maybe for me too !) but best laid plans and all that, my a***ho*e of a brother decided he had bigger fish to fry and left me with no childcare!!!!! His is no longer on my xmas card list
  13. Alas he was meant to look after my son but got a better offer So my childcare stops at 2100!!! Which means me and Zep ain't gonna happen
  14. I don't want to labour the point but I was luckily enough to get tickets Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances (brothers! who can trust 'em ), I now only have time to get to the arena, get the wrist bands fitted, get an individual in and then get in my car and leg it back home! My issue is - it specifically states i can't resell the tickets & it gives me no options to get my money back. That leaves me...well basically..with 2 tickets not being used by anyone!!!!!! That surely is a travisty?????? Seriously grumpy Led Zep fan in gloucester!
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