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  1. I saw Led Zep nine times in the 70s. Of the shows I saw, I recall two shows clocking-in at over 3.5 hours long w/no intermission. Vancouver, March 20, 1975 and Seattle, July 7, 1977. The Vancouver show was simply amamzing, but the Seattle show was sub-par.
  2. This topic is somewhat interesting, but silly and pointless at the same time. It is virtually impossible to pinpoint such an event, but I will play along and toss in my 2 cents. As we all know, a vocalist’s performance is subject to multiple elements during every performance that effect his performance, including, but not limited to, age, illness, smoking, lack of sleep, drugs, lack training (control), key, venue, mixing, etc. the list is endless, but I m sure you've heard all this before. Plant was/is no different. Here's my point, I am most likely older than most of you and have seen Led Zep nine times in the 70s, heard all the recordings (bootlegs and otherwise), read everying in print and been a huge Zep fan many years, like all of you. Having said that, I can say with a degree of certainty that Plant did not lose his voice (or his wailing, as you say) in the early 70s. Why? Well, based on everything I heard, which covers 1970 through 1977 (live and bootleg performance, Plant had good and bad periods during any given tour like most singers. The very best Plant performance I ever saw/heard was in Vancouver, March 20, 1975. His performance was literally faultless, in terms of pitch, timing, power, range and the "so called" wail...it was all there. Perhaps he was extremely healthy during this leg of the tour, I don’t know, obviously we will never know, but his performance was truly amazing and nearly perfect! However, I saw Led Zep for the last time in 1977 and the entire bands performance was sub par...4 out a 10, at best. Sad. I also saw them in 1973. Plant’s performance was not nearly as good as the 1975 show. What does this mean? I am suggesting there is no one show or year, for that matter, that you can honestly say Plant lost his wail. However, I will agree its long gone. The 02 Show is proof of that. Don’t get me wrong, Plant still rocked hard on certain songs, but others, well, let’s just say, that “wailing” is a young man’s game.
  3. The Who - "W Get Fooled Again" a 1975 live version that rocks hard! Killer song!
  4. Dude, Put down the crack pipe and syrige...you can't be serious! What are you basing your augment on? Steve Tyler's lip size? I've seen Led Zep twice (1975 and 1977) and Arosmith (1985 and 1995). First of all, you can't companre the two bands...its a rediculs aurgument becuase they are vastly different on every level. However, if you really wanted to have the conversation, let's start with each band members indivudual talent, writing, arranging and producing skills. Indiviudally and as a whole, Led Zep is light years ahead of the boys from bean town. End of conversation. Ok, your free to pick-up the pipe and trip your life away.
  5. Does anyone know if the 02 show will be broadcasted on live TV (in whole or in part)? Thanks.
  6. March 20, 1975 - Vancouver, Canada. I was 16 years-old. This show was a massive sound Tsunami of talent, power and sheer energy...wave after wave of intense and relentless magic blasted from the speakers and poured over the crowd...simply overwhelming and jaw dropping! We got to see a glimpse at musical genius creating their art…their chemistry was/is extraordinary and incredible. I am now 48. It seems like a life-time ago. In some respects it was, yet I still have vivid memories of their performance, especially Jimmy’s phenomenal and masterful guitar playing and tone. We loved them! The so-called Rock Gods had landed in Vancouver. We prayed at their alter for almost four hours…we left exhausted and numbed by the experience. The noise hangover lasted for days. It is safe to say, the world will never experience a group of such talented musicians like this again. Led Zep’s place is Rock history is undeniable and well deserved. PS I saw them 1977 as well, but that’s another story.
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