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  1. A Beatles type anthology would have been cool with interviews with Page/Plant/Jones. I guess we could hope that if these 9 releases are audio only, maybe the next round of Zep activity in 3-5 years could be some rare video with inteviews/recollections with the band. Since Jimmy doesn't release new material of his own, he has time and this could be his next Led Zeppelin work.
  2. I was hoping some kind of HD video would be in these sets. If not the 1st three, maybe some of Earls Court in the next three and some Seattle and/or Knebworth in the last three - would love to see it in better quality than what was on Led Zeppelin DVD back in 2003. Also wondering how the 30,000 numbering works for the print in the Super Deluxe Box sets. If I order from Amazon now, am I assured of getting a numbered print? I can't wait for June 3rd.
  3. Just got back from the movie - 40% full, no trailers, sound was low but someone went out during the 1st song and got the sound raised to be at concert level. Crowd was well-behaved with some applause at end of songs. The movie brought back a lot of memories for me on that night when I was dead-center 1/3 of the way from the stage. Kashmir is as I had remembered it - best live version ever. No Quarter was majestic. Trampled Underfoot and Misty Mountain Hop were lively. Stairway was nicely presented in the movie. I really enjoyed the movie a lot. I think I may be in it for a brief second or two. I will need to check it frame-by-frame when I get the Blu-ray in November.
  4. My deluxe edition was delivered by FedEx. Before they came, they left a message on my home voicemail indicating that a package requiring a signature was arriving on that day. Unfortunately I was not home that day but I did get the voicemail and the FedEx delivery note left on my front door. I took a day off the next day and waited for the book to arrive which it finally did. Best day off ever!
  5. I think I also like the cover of the Collector's edition more than my Deluxe edition. Plus it also looks like there is a full length picture on the back cover as well - true? I knew I should have ordered one of each but the price tag was so high that I opted to get just what I could get away telling my wife. When I told her the price of the book 2 weeks back, she was more than a bit stunned. When I told her what the book was going for on eBay, she got upset with me and said I should have bought more and sold the 2nd one on eBay to make up the cost of the 1st one! Go figure! But she is right. Now that I've gone through the entire book, I re-packed it just the way it came (minus the Genesis black plastic cover) and will take it out to "show" to only special Zep-appreciative friends or on historic Led Zep occasions. Was the book worth the wait? Yes...........definitely a Yes.
  6. I was lucky enough to get my book 2 weeks back but I am wondering what kind of promotional material did they send to you? Can you take a picture and post it? I'm just curious to see what it is. Thanks.
  7. Looks like a Deluxe edition of the book sold on eBay for $2500 and another one is up where the starting bid is $3500 with a Buy It Now price for $5000! I should have bought another one! Glad to have one Deluxe edition though. This is my 1st Genesis book. How much have the other books appreciated? What do you think this book will be worth 5 years from now? $5000? $7500? $10k????
  8. I'm sure a courtesy copy was given to Robert, JPJ, and to the Bonham family. I wonder what their copy numbers were - single digits?
  9. I wish I could also get in a time machine and see their old concerts, especially 9/29/71 in Japan....but for those that weren't old enough to see the original lineup, this was the closest we could get and we all loved every second of it.
  10. Hard to believe its already been 3 years since that fantastic night. The 3 days I was in London for the concert went by so quickly but I remember the following on December 10th so well: - seeing the biggest Mothership Zeppelin balloon flying in the sky outside the O2 - I wanted that display so badly.......still do. - walking into the O2, so many people standing in line to get their souvenirs (I wish I had gotten the poster) - standing in line to get into the arena, everyone was so fired up - some had waited overnight on this line - once inside, we settled halfway between the stage and the soundboard, dead-center - this would turn out to be the ideal spot for the perfect concert sound - debating just before they took the stage whether they would open with Rock and Roll or Good Times Bad Times - after such a long wait, seeing my heroes open with GTBT and pinching myself to see if I am actually seeing this with my own eyes - seeing so many people with their cell phones and cameras taking pictures/videos - trying to make out all the new Plantations with such a roar amongst the audience - trying to keep a written note of the order of songs played - getting close to the end of the concert, thinking that I don't want this to end - Kashmir - a spectacle and easily the finest performance of the night and may have been better than any bootleg from the 70s with Senior Bonham - encores - everyone wildly yelling and shouting for more - seeing Junior Bonham bowing to the 3 living legends as if saying - I'm not worthy - after final encore, everyone still yelling and shouting for more until the house lights came on - walking out of the arena, everyone still talking to each other and not believing what we had just witnessed - getting back to the hotel and seeing the coverage on every newscast - was I really there? Barely got 2 hours of sleep for an early flight the next day - leaving to go back to the US, the talk was still going on at the airport and people asking me if I was at the concert (I was wearing a Zep jacket) - on the plane, met 2 other people who had been to the concert - arriving back home and saying what a trip....best of my life....even better than going on the Concorde in 2003 Now 3 years later, all I have are the fantastic memories, my pictures, and the 3rd Eye video (thanks Terry). Jimmy - please give us an official release. Its been 3 years and its about time we get something Led Zeppelin audio/video-related.
  11. Wow! Wow! Wow! I just got book number 265 and it was worth the wait. More than the pictures, I was curious to see the captions. I've only gone through 155 of 500+ pages but I am very very happy to read Page's words to the pictures. Not all pictures have words but there are many captions where its more than just one or two lines. I've attached a nice sample. So far, this is the longest caption. This is truly a masterpiece and also very heavy (literally).
  12. I've got no problem with the delays. Jimmy is a perfectionist and is highly quality conscious which leads to an even better book. I hope he adds more pictures and really expands on the captions to make it more of an autobiography. If he adds a nice little 1-page preface at the front of the book, that would make it even better. If I can dream, how about adding a CD/DVD of his personal demos or home videos of his life through the years? If he did that, the 695 pounds price paid is a bargain!
  13. My card was charged in full on April 28th for the Deluxe edition. I think it was like $1130 - ouch. I shouldn't complain though because with postage it was 720 pounds and I was charged $1.57 per 1 British pound which is a great conversion rate these days. About 12-18 months back, I would have paid over $1400. I hope to get the book sometime soon.
  14. Deluxe edition sold out in the blink of an eye? I guess I should be happy I got in when I did. Maybe should have bought 2 and sold one to make up the cost for keeping one.
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