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  1. I just revisited the tsrts dvd.Amazing!!!When moby dick kicks in they show Robert coming off stage,lighting a smoke or a du.... which one?Im intriged does anyone know
  2. Californication the tv show refrenceced Jimmy Page getting head from Pamala under the table at a la hot spot.It was cool1
  3. awsome Sam,now post invades the world and all will be well
  4. How does the members of zep feel about Peter Grant? I'm interested in what they have said about him.Jimmy's speech at uk awards only included Amets influence on the band.I have not heard any public statements concerning Peter's contributions.From what i have read Peter was a driving force in their time.I would like to here about Peter from this forum.You guys are great and keep me well informed.
  5. Hey anyone out there in O2 land?Whats happening?Any zep magic yet,whats the vibe?
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