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  1. why would Page say that or even care if he did not feel he owes Zeppelin fans something mre than a run through?? They have to do nothing but die, if you want to be technical. I never said they owed us a "fucking world tour" or anything else for that matter. I never claimed that they are in our debt. My comments stated that they owe it to us and themselves, cant have a theraputic Zeppelin Show without 'the ocean' owe it to us and ourselves to make it happen at this stage (after an exclusive show in London, after tongue in cheek comments to the press, after all this reunion hype, after all
  2. LOL, keep your eyes rolling if you must I can care less if my Grammer and spelling is correct, only that my views be understood. but thanx for letting me now I got a little bit of a amusement from ya for it..... 'tis why I did it. I have not weighed in on the whole they owe us thing until that point. You are right about the newbie thing as well. I have read other posts of Evs and concur. Thanx
  3. No, however if I was a carpenter, and you were a lady, and I rescued you from a burning house would I not owe it to you not to set you down on a land mine? of all the lame ass Analogies I have ever seen.......... I find the fact that you limit being a Zep Fan to buying their music and making them wealthy offensive and disrespectful (I forgot Down Right Stupid too) If you had bothered to muster up some THOUGHT on my post or even just read the whole thing before rushing off to flame yet another newbie you would have noticed I said they(ZEP) owe it to us Their FANS and (< look rig
  4. I know I just got here..... But as far as I see we all have no choice but to wait. We Can Speculate all we want But they(Zep) Want us to do just that, wonder........ "that cosmic energy....they all go Yay......BASH" IF Zeppelin is going to tour they are going to do so quickly following 02 or I should say hammer out the logistics, As far as Raising Sand tour, IMHO I see a few select Showings of that as opposed to Zeppelin doing a few select shows, only because much like Roberts Fate of nations tour that is what He got intimate settings like universities in Pittsburgh, ect.... I do not see a le
  5. As a young child(8) I used to go to a local Pizza shop with my mom and Dad once in awhile, Now my parents were the type that saw Zep at the Fiilmore east and Huge Beatle Fans. There was a Juke Box at this pizza place and I ised to get to pick songs after my dad played his few, It Had Fool in the rain and Hot Dog on it and I would play Hot Dog everytime we went, Why? No Idea it stood out to me, I did not really know Zep, I mean I knew some of their songs prob, but I could not name them. But that song Hot Dog was My first "Known" exposure to Zep and self induced. I played those songs on that ju
  6. Dazed and Confused here. I am Hard pressed though to choose one. I Love Babe I am gonna leave you. If you ask me after hearing that I would pick that one, same for HMMT,YTIGC...........
  7. album version I would say Kashmir, Live from the list Achilles, I feel all of them live are Epic, It is Zep man!
  8. 35 here, Not suprised at all by the age factor. Led Zeppelin is Timeless. Their Music is Timeless. They would go over like a led balloon in the Renissance era I suspect
  9. I do not care where they are, If I tohught there was a remote chance of getting into the show in london I would travel for that alone. When It was Just Page/Plant95 saw em ALOT including 2nights at the garden in october(front row on my birthday). In 98? yes 8 shows. If Zep tours... My wife is NOT gonna be happy. For What its worth I want to see them In the Garden. Its among their fave venues top 3 I would say. Thats why Page/Plant Closed their tour there.
  10. Hear! Hear! I agree. The Only Bitching I expected from this lot would be the many among us not lucky enough to see the show in person. It will be recorded, I mean It has too. There will be 50 versions of it avail for next year prob. The only way to see it all will be through the internet most likely. since each of the 50 or so versions will prob be "Missing" something so you need the other versions. I have not seen it yet in here... But anyone got a take on why this is not being Pay per Viewed?
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