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  1. Starting to go for 1977 NYC - currently the first night.........
  2. There's like, three threads for this topic - excellent!!
  3. Good discussion of this over at The Hotel..............
  4. Yeah, wasn't sure if Fort Worth had Heartbreaker and Black Dog, like Dallas did................
  5. Which version? Quote:***Viva La Soundboard Revolution*** Led Zeppelin - 3/3/75 Ft Worth, TX - Previously Unreleased Soundboard - Empress Valley Label. The Soundboard Revolution Series proudly presents for the very First and Only time anywhere, a never before available Legendary Texas show!! This complete and Perfect Stereo Soundboard show hasn’t seen the light of day for 40 long years!! The following editions of this Ultra Rare Set are due for imminent release; Statistical Analyzing Shot - Extremely Ltd Ed Box Set - 150 Copies Only!! This 9 CD Deluxe Box with Obi includes the Ft Worth 3/3
  6. Led Zeppelin - Complete BBC Sessions - Empress Valley Eleven more songs than the commercial bit.
  7. Don't want to get off-topic, but I like that shit as well.............
  8. 31 May 1973 Los Angeles. Bonzo's 25th birthday, total classic!
  9. So now, is there going to be a 9CD box set of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th titled "Statistical Analyzing Shot"???
  10. Absolutely wonderful pictures from arguably the best show of the entire tour, certainly the best show of the latter part!
  11. Absolutely beyond fascinating - what a privilege to read about the interaction. Many profound thanks, and please take care and stay safe Ms Davis Russo!
  12. Naturally, had the dove one for many years, I dig the others, and thanks for the link! What a time, legendary shows at the venue - Grateful Dead, LZ, etc.....
  13. Jesus, some damn good photos here. Any from Kezar, 1973??
  14. The only time I got to see Zeppelin was in Denver in 1973, but I've been able to see the Dead like, 51 times. If only...........
  15. My preference will always tend to Winston's brilliant results. He has once stated his goal was to achieve a balance in the listening experience with regards to the instruments, vocals and such. To my great enjoyment he has succeeded as best is possible with the source material he has had to work with.
  16. Wonderful animals, all! My friends consist of an old Westie, a 'Labradoodle', a 'Goldendoodle', and some kind of rat Terrier rescued thing
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