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  1. Since I've Been Loving You and Ten Years Gone studio recordings.
  2. I'd say ALS is a musical masterpiece that is not for everybody. It's an acquired taste, much like a particular dish whose taste is not very common. But I've loved it from the first time I heard it. I remember watching an interview of the 3 where they were asked what songs were their favorites. John Paul answered What Is And What Should Never Be (if I remember right), Jimmy had more than 1 and Robert said ALS.
  3. Oh well... nice to feel hopeful at least for a moment...
  4. OMG! I watched Logan's clip. He is not Robert at all which is what the 3J's are looking for but boy does he ooze of charisma. Loved him the first 3 seconds even before he sang his first note. His youth and voice will surely bring something fresh and different into the equation. I think I'm gonna dig more into his music I actually liked what I heard. Hope he will be in the running...
  5. As a whole I think TSRTS was the ancestor of the music videos this generation is born into. The reason it was rediculed by some might have been because it was not very common at that time and lengthy. Only a few had similar ones as I remember (ones that they actually planned for and shot according to the plan and not just taken at a show or concert) but short ones like Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and pre-Michael McDonald's Doobie Brothers where they shot Long Train Running in the tracks. I would think the Shepperton shoot was necessary to add more visual impact on the stage sequences. In the studios everything can be controlled from lighting (as seen from the camera as opposed to audience view) to camera angles and positioning (that otherwise would have obstructed the flow of the actual concert or the view of the audience). [quote SteveAJones Did Virginia Parker, the blonde maiden atop the staircase, ever appear in any other film?] I laughed when my 24 year-old daughter remarked that Robert's hair is more beautiful than the maiden's...
  6. Same here. I love TRS the most in the studio album but in the live versions I love NQ the most
  7. I believe these were from STH from TSRTS? I love 73-75 Robert. Check out his behind as he tenses them when he reaches the high notes of the last verse of SIBLY. Ummm...beyond toned...
  8. I, too, am from RP :)

  9. That clip used to be on youtube - Heavy Airship 15 and Heavy Airship 16 (TSRTS and The Rain Song outtakes). Unfortunately all the heavy airship clips from 1 to 77 disappeared shortly before the O2 gig. They were clips of everything, most of them were rare bootlegs. There was even a video of Planty crossing a NY street, sad because I think it was taken shortly before Karac's tragedy.
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