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  1. Expanded dvd "Led Zeppelin Live" on blu ray plus Japan 1971 Vinyl and or a chronological live audio set to go with the visual set. I think something along those lines is coming next year. Makes sense. I do agree, when you are touching the final of something NEW you say MASTERING as a pro. You say Re-mastering on older things needing touch up. I think we are getting something new and mind-blowing with this stuff next year. Its Zep at 50, thats a big deal.
  2. Here is a hopefull prediction. Jimmy edits the reunion show show for DVD release in surround sound. The DVD features behind the scenes documentry of the rehearsals and the fanfare with interviews with other musicians etc... Page fixes some band mistakes, removes feedback, OVERDUBS some guitar parts that he did not like. DVD and CD is released in less than six months. Offers come in and they decide to play a SHORT tour of the US. MSG, LA BOWL, Giants Stadium etc. in 08. Also the possibilty of a new session is probable becuase I am sure Plant would like to see what new stuff they could do
  3. Led Zeppelin 4 DVD audio: remixed in 5.1 surround sound featuring bonus slideshow/8mmfootage/home movie footage montage.
  4. I think we will see a couple surprises in the set. I also think that we will see JPJ do at least one song on his Lap Steel, maybe Levee Breaks with Page on that doubleneck with the 6 string bass neck? Then JPJ could switch over to bass while Page tears up a solo. Hmm. Thats my production note to the band. Also I imagine the Bow solo during dazed will have the smoke and lazer pyramid complete with lazer bow! In my time of dying' No Quarter will probably be a Page/JPJ moment Carasalamra or Fool in The rain could work Kashmir will be played Good Times Bad Times will open the set
  5. I think he will say something to the effect of, " Thanks for the support all these years, thanks to Ahment for beleiving in us and for the good times I hope you enjoyed this. And ah, maybe we will see ya again, goodnight Ahment." I think he will say something to that effect and then at the end leave the door open enough to put us "In The Light"
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