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  1. Knebby

    Cultural impact

    Bootsy Collins was a fan and a friend.
  2. Knebby

    Cultural impact

    Not funny though.
  3. Knebby

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Not sure I understand your question ?
  4. Knebby

    Cultural impact

    Again - this was in America.
  5. Knebby

    Cultural impact

    Sorry, Del's just a banned member who is always here under other names (like now) - he doesn't like me to mention the USA at all.
  6. It can't be, surely? This is the guy who was saying he's so much more knowledgeable about the band than we are. I'm sure he'll really enjoy it though.
  7. Knebby

    Cultural impact

    Well that's part of my point. There's a huge world outside of the USA. ( I know you acknowledge this - many don't appear to. Cue Del )
  8. Knebby

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Which pic with Strider?
  9. Knebby

    Cultural impact

    George makes a lot of valid points. You seem to be approaching from a purely America-centric viewpoint. They were not household names in the whole world, nor even the whole of America.
  10. Knebby

    Jimmy Page 1957

    Could we also get rid of the "Young Robert Plant and his sister" mistaken pic ?
  11. Knebby

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Hammersmith Odeon on Robert's first UK tour 1983. I think it was December? I was there , he did two shows and I THINK this was the second one - SAJ can probably confirm.
  12. Knebby

    Coverdale wants to end Plant feud

    Coverdale says the death of Jon Lord has made him forget past differences with many people - he is even friendly with Richie Blackmore again. And yes he and Plant were friendly enough at one stage - Plant attended both Deep Purple and Whitesnake concerts. They even went by "pet" names "Elsie and Arthur Hobson" , which I can't really explain, so feel free to take that bit of info on board or not .
  13. The many times I have seen Kravitz live he is anything but "boring ass shit". It is way too simplistic to suggest rock n roll people should just get up there and ignore the quest for perfection. Tell Jimmy Page that that makes him a clown. Hey, it's only rock and roll Jimmy!