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  1. Hammersmith Odeon on Robert's first UK tour 1983. I think it was December? I was there , he did two shows and I THINK this was the second one - SAJ can probably confirm.
  2. Coverdale says the death of Jon Lord has made him forget past differences with many people - he is even friendly with Richie Blackmore again. And yes he and Plant were friendly enough at one stage - Plant attended both Deep Purple and Whitesnake concerts. They even went by "pet" names "Elsie and Arthur Hobson" , which I can't really explain, so feel free to take that bit of info on board or not .
  3. Don't take it too literally - he DID do it as a return of favour, but it wasn't a contractual obligation thing, it was as FRIENDS. He was happy to contribute - but the lyrics are rather barbed.
  4. It's not stalking at all when it is just collating into one place items of news which are ALREADY REPORTED on the net.
  5. Ooh just found this - also says he was on 3 times - I know I had them all
  6. Anyone have decent footage of the two times RP was on Mike Read's "Pop Quiz" in the 80s? I used to have both on Betamax but Lord knows if I'll ever dig them out. I recall him singing along to the "'Ello Mrs Jones, 'ows your Bert's lumbago?" part of The Small Faces' "Lazy Sunday Afternoon"
  7. No worries Steve. I can't chase the thought that the musician we saw was Big Joe Turner. I know he died in Nov of 1985. I'd love to have a better memory!
  8. They flew from Washington in their private jet immediately after the Tacoma gig on 11th and we all went out in San Fran to see a blues musician at a local bar, his name escapes me but it will come back. 12th and 13th were nights off , not much happened on 12th but they all went to the Paul Young gig on 13th. The only thing I can think may have happened is that they went to this other gig after the Paul Young one? I don't recall hearing about it but it's possible.
  9. This certainly puzzles me as I was around and all the band went to see Paul Young on 13th - and weren't at a gig on 12th.
  10. This was actually recommended by Levis back in the day and was quite a common thing to do. Don't know if this vid will work for folk outside the UK but this was a huge ad back in the 80s -
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2337277/Jazz-icon-Ben-Tucker-82-killed-horrific-crash-driver-going-90mph-smashed-golf-cart.html
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2337039/Jefferson-Airplane-drummer-Joey-Covington-killed-car-crashes-head-wall.html
  13. They were just great back then. Marsden was a guest onstage at one of their UK shows last week. Coverdale claims he is now friends with all of the ex-members again with the exception of Moody.
  14. Knebby

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    In 1981, Jimmy looked three times Robert's age.Also, I think Robert aged overnight after the death of his son. That's the very definition of a "tough life" to me.
  15. Rex was with him the whole time. SAJ, you are right about what you heard/read. Some of the TTTV staff have great stories about the evening, I am pretty sure I remember the restaurant but will check with a pal before I post it. Sadly, I don't know any "old groupies from Newcastle" to substantiate anything, but I do know people who were there.
  16. I still have it on a betamax tape somewhere but haven't seen it for years. But I was in the studio audience that night and remember it very clearly
  17. There are a few minutes more, but it was a very brief interview. It was only a short show and there were also two live bands on it.
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