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  1. So what we got to look forward to now, other than listening to all of them again, read the books, look at the picture and admire the all round packaging I did a quick and dirty calculation and I think the record company revenues for these re-releases will top about $9m per album
  2. Happy to report that Amazon UK delivered duly numbered versions of the last three SDBS Presence. 10,382 ITTOD. 15,215 Coda. 16,594 Full numbered set. Happy days, now just waiting for my bespoke cube storage unit being delivered
  3. Amazon UK just advised my SDE boxes on their way. Delivered tomorrow. Hope all numbered as per my previous 6 box sets
  4. Well this time next week, hopefully got a complete set of numbered SD boxes.
  5. Hi, what happened to you LZ IV ? I am from Glasgow, Dennistoun, been down south a good few years.
  6. Well here we go, 8 weeks of nervous tension building up till we take delivery, thinking of hedging bets and ordering from both Burning Shed and Amazon UK.
  7. I have another thread on the "volume of sales", and this adds to that. Assume they sold ALL of the 30,000 numbered SDE's, that's revenues of nearly $5m per issue, $45m for the set, not bad for a legacy act, if you include all of the other versions, global revenues of +$60m is not to be sniffed at by any corporation, given the costs will be on the low side. So fully expect them all to be released in the next few months.
  8. Good stuff, sorry to change subject, but I have same feelings about HOTH, my original album been sitting on the shelf since purchased all those years ago, played once or twice since new. When my Super Deluxe arrived, checked out etc, but nothing played. In run up to PG being released, sitting thinking what to listen to, pulled out remastered CD of said HOTH, that was 4 / 5 weeks ago, to be honest, it hasn't been off since, just brilliant, can't believe I've ignored all this time. Bordering on becoming my fav LZ album, ever. Amazing how time changes ones views, LZ2 was always up there.
  9. Hi, interesting you mention, "low volume sales" . Have you any data, I had another thread asking where to find out sales data. Given the first 30,000 are numbered and in this forum, we hear that many guys get unnumbered copies, would expect their "production line" run of super deluxe would be North of 40,000 ? Interesting topic Cheers
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