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  1. Hi all, I'm just really hear to inform those who are interested that 70s band 'Sweet', known for songs such as 'Fox on the Run' and 'Ballroom Blitz' have a biography written about their 13 years in the music industry. The book, titled 'No Matter What They Say', is clearly well researched, very detailed and highly entertaining. For all those who are fans or even just interested in the book I suggest and hope that you have a look at it. This is the link for the book, which is available as an ebook. http://www.thesweet.com/No-Matter-What-They-Say/ Thank you & enjoy!
  2. Just speculating here. But DanielDaniel1234, said that Jimmy called himself Daniel. Coincidence? Hopefully he is looking at gig venues though, Melbourne is one of the only places I could afford to fly to from Perth. It is possible that we are all are hallucinating though.
  3. Hi all, I have noticed that Led Zeppelin don't really like their songs being used in movies and I was wondering why they are against this. I can only think of a handful of movies that actually contain their songs and surely there must be more that want to use their songs. Can anyone please shed some light upon this. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated. I'll see what I can do. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm heading over to the US on monday and covering a fair few states whilst i am there. I was just wondering if there are many places that have to do with Led Zeppelin? If you could share anything i'd appreciate it and hopefully go there and have a look Thanks.
  6. Thats pretty cool, but i'm with the rest of you on this one until the band actually says yes we are doing a tour then i am just sitting back and hoping for the best. It would seem from the interviews and other information that the band are considering it, like any time Jimmy is asked about it he just smiles and says something along the lines of we will have to see. But '08 is just around the corner and I think that something will be happening soon, there is just way to much money in it for them to say no. Does anyone here think that maybe the band would end speculations that they are going to
  7. its got The Ocean on it aye? The one that is on the Led Zeppelin DVD?
  8. Unfortunately i havent met any of them. However one of my friend's mum, who used to live in England was in a book shop, gazing through the gardening section and she picked up a book and none other than Robert Plant told her that it wasn't a great book and recommended another book to her and they chatted away for another couple of minutes about gardening and what not. Then she said that she should go buy the book and head off home, it wasnt until she got to the counter and the sales person said what was he like? and she said who? and then the sales assistant said Robert Plant, you were just tal
  9. I can still remember this moment clear as the day. I was about ten years old, (im almost seventeen now, so i in no way consider myself a veteran fan) and I was sick of hearing the same crap over and over again on the radio, as I went to switch it off my dad said "What is that crap?" i shrugged and said "I need something new" my dad told me to follow him and I did. He started flicking through his large CD collection and said "Led Zeppelin or The Police?" I decided that Led Zeppelin sounded more appealing so I said them, he thrusted Led Zeppelin I into my hands and said go listen to that, I did
  10. To be honest i think that they will announce it at the O2 or shortly after. They have said a lot of stuff that would really let fans down if they didnt tour and after what Ian Astbury from the Cult said, i am thinking that a tour is becoming more and more likely. As Jimmy said it would be a bit unfair to just do one show. But nothing is set and i wouldnt be suprised but just like everyone else on this forum i am hoping for the best.
  11. Patriots won LZ and Patriots, makes a good evening
  12. I think they were also played under Jimmy Page and The New Yardbirds
  13. Ludwig, are you hinting at something good? I havent had much of a search around this forum yet, i only just realised that the site changed. So i dont no if the whole Ian Astbury incident has been spread around yet, and i dont no what you views are on it yet, but share is you want. I've been doing a bit of searching around and read that Jimmy told Guitar World that he said it would be pretty unfair to just do one show. So yeah i'll see what happens, dont want to get my hopes up yet, but fingers crossed
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