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  1. Thing about Dano's is they don't tour so well. Page had his taken apart and rebuilt to withstand the constant abuse that being on the road. Also they wern't entirely stock. They do have a great low fi sound when they work. I have played most of the models but I wouldnt have one. The worst model is the Longhorn bass. Ye gods its dreadfull!
  2. For me Coda is the definitely weakest. "Out Door" has some pretty groovy stuff on it.
  3. Freedom come Freedom go ; The Fortunes 1971
  4. Me playing my music room into another dimension.
  5. I rarely buy new Vinyl lp's because the vast majority if them are the cd mixes simply put on vinyl. Im still buying old s/h lp's including classical music and the occasional jazz album. I still have most the lp's I bought from the mid 70's onward although about 1993 I sold off about three hundred impulse buys and stuff I didnt listen to. Mostly 80's stuff . Never counted what I have now. Not a lot compared to some people as I have always had other demands on my income. When I put up some new shelving in the spare room for my lp's I needed 20 feet of wood. All my zepp albums before the original Remasters CD set are on vinyl
  6. Quad never really took off. The equipment was expensive and four speakers took up more space in the sitting room. I do have some Quad lp's in my collection, but theyre nearly all classical. I do remember the TSRTS Cinema Quad experience. It was, in common parlance then " A real trip man!"
  7. I remember the BBC broadcast. We were living in Scotland at the time My eldest sister was babysitting me and my other 'middle' sister. The elder sister was a Yardbirds fan and knew what was coming. So we all had to listen to it on the family Stereo gram, quietly, or else! I was only nine or ten so it didn't really do anything for me then. Even when she bought the LP which she kept locked in her war-drobe anyway, I didnt give it much thought Fast forward, shortly after the release of Led Zeppelin 3. In a school music lesson our new glamorous young American student music teacher. Is trying to get us to sing the trad song Gallows Pole. A voice at the back of the class shouts "Miss this is old dead music" Said, glam teacher ( Blonde blue eyed and a clever minx ) pulls out LZ 3 and puts it on the dilapidated old school phonograph. The class wern't convinced, but I was! Since I was a Music room monitor ( just to get near to her lovelyness) and whilst I was clearing up the books, she played more of LZ 3. When I got home, I clandestinely accessed Eldest sisters war-drobe via the strangely broken back pane, and there it was. I didnt have any money to buy my own LP's But when I did in about '75, it was one of the first lp's I bought. (Second hand off a mate!) Not long after, Glam Music teacher moved back to North Carolina ( Lovely accent!) and we as a family moved to England. Not long after that I started to learn guitar. The early Zeppelin lp's were my next tutor, after Bert Weedon's Play in a day and The obligatory Shadows numbers of course. The rest, as they say, was "Biological Research"
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