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  1. It must've been about 1989 or so. "Classic rock" was just becoming a thing, at least in the isolated rural area in Central Louisiana where I grew up. I was 14 and had been into the hard rock/heavy metal bands of the day for a year or two. I was listening to a late-night radio program where the local station played classic rock for a few hours. "Rock and Roll" came on... blew me away. I had no idea who it was-- I actually thought it was a German band ...I had a tape with some Scorpions on it, and it sounded like Plant had a German accent.. "Bin a long tahm since ah rock und rawled..." It took some digging, but I figured out that THIS was the Led Zeppelin that I'd read about and heard so many of the hard rock/metal guys in name-drop in Hit Parader. I managed to find a copy of Zeppelin IV in the local Walmart, I believe, and was transported... not least, of course, by "Stairway", the title of which I'd heard mentioned in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High", and whispered about as a *gasp* "satanic" song. From there, I found LZ I, and was completely hooked. Soon after, I met a guy a couple years older than me who'd just transferred to our high school. I actually thought he was a new teacher; he always dressed in khakis and plaid button-down shirts, and stood apart looking on like he was keeping an eye on all us stoners and heads during recess and lunch. He spotted my Zeppelin magazine one day, and got all excited. Turns out he was a super fan, and had everything they'd recorded and all the memorabilia, bootlegs, etc, he could get his hands on. A couple days later he turns up with a stack of 4 or 5 cassettes-- copies of II, III, Houses, idk what all else. From then on... well, you know.
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