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  1. Hello again. You write, "Winston's "The Great Love Affair" is still my go to for the 9/4/70 show even though I've done my own remaster of it... " I think there are about 1000 people waiting to hear your version! If it's as good as your 9/29/71, we are in for a treat. Thanks.
  2. You write, "To answer your original question, my opinion of 6/23/77 has actually declined a bit as the years go on...." I was always a fan of 6/21/77. That preference has not changed over the years. And I still want a 6/22/77 soundboard. That will be excellent. Thanks!
  3. Howdy. The 3/21/75 has recently been released in a pretty good version. Any reason you choose to work on this one? Also, any chance we get the remainder of the 9/29/71 show, like the full WLL. I'm listening to it as I write and appreciate your work. Darn, it's so... well... professional! I like it. Thanks.
  4. I'm listening to the soundboard of Seattle 1975 03 21 as I write. When it first came out I thought it was over-rated. A bit sluggish compared to say, 4 Blocks In The Snow. And not as consistent. Today, well, I think it one of the best shows of 75, combining performance and recording. Everyone is on. Relaxed. And clear. Even the mellotron is sweet and in tune. And the Plantations - great. "John Paul Jones is a very easy way of being an orchestra." What a nice thing to say. What do you think? Thanks.
  5. "I believe I'm the one who did the 1971/09/29 show you mentioned... " Yes, that was the one. This is an interesting reply. I sure hope technology comes so a computer program can make their old shows sound good, like you did with 9/29. Of course it will still take good ears, like yours, to make it in the mix right. Thanks.
  6. HTWWW in its remastered form is better than the original HTWWW over a decadel ago. Bass stronger. Drums not as compressed. But it still feels over-produced and incomplete. Wish someone would work on Burn Like A Candle and make a clean, clear version. We have the technology. If I just had the equipment.... Read the recent post on 1971/09/29. Listen to the snippet. Nice job on an old rough recording.
  7. Mr_K

    Offenburg 1973

    Thanks for answering. I will be looking for other bootlegs of the show. What I'm interested in is who did the taping for the show? What equipment did they use? Thanks.
  8. And P.S. I would love a link to the show.
  9. Hoping for Offenburg 73 remix. Your 71 snippet was great.
  10. Mr_K

    Offenburg 1973

    I'm listening to a boot of Offenburg 1973 as I write. Rough recording but wonderful performance. What is the back story on the boot? I've heard better but this ain't bad from the audience.... yes, it really isn't bad.... I can hear JPJ bass on TSRTS.... quite nice. This may be their best show of 73. No flaws. Everyone was on tonight. Any news for a soundboard for the show? Thanks.
  11. Hello. Is there a full version of WLL from Orlando 1971? Mine cuts out at 17:15 and goes into the organ solo. Thanks.
  12. "March 19 - Vancouver -- The 5/24/75 Dazed was my introduction to live Zepp, but I'm pretty sure this was the first full show I listened to. Other shows (like the two above it) might have slightly higher peaks, but this one is just rock-solid, good to great versions all the way through, including my all-time favourite version of "The Rain Song." One of the coolest, best, most concise (22 minutes and change) versions of "No Quarter" as well. It helps that it's probably THE best sounding soundboard of them all. ..." This one really grows on me. Maybe the best D and C of 75. Jimmy's guitar is consistently good throughout. And Jonsey's bass is so clear and prominent. What a fine player he was. For the band in this half hour plus - Not an off moment in the whole. Thanks for posting the topic so I could relisten to this great show.
  13. This forum. Great music. Great discussion. Call me a crazy Zep Head but I think they ran out of steam on March 21. At least compared to Vancouver. I'm listening to Ali Akbar Khan, the great sarodist. The Indian Jimmy Page. Maybe that will clear my head. Thanks.
  14. Hello again. I had a Zeppelin mind block, where you forget that a concert exists because you can't download it quickly. I just went to the topic, "SOUNDBOARD FORT WORTH 1975?" I saw my post from November 2015 - this show had a 6 hour download. So I didn't. And forgot it existed. Now my Zep head has been freed.
  15. I am double lucky tonight. First a cleaner version of March 12 and now this - a super version of March 3. It's like 2 lottery tickets coming in at the same time! I will have to download at least one tomorrow on Black Beauty. I have 5 hours of new Zeppelin to hear and don't know which to finish first! Thanks Strider!
  16. Wow! This is an improvement. I hope to find it on Black Beauty. Thanks.
  17. My number 1. March 20, Vancouver. Listening to it as I write. I vote this gig as the "best of" in terms of the band being very tight, and playing well together on every song. No rust here. And Robert's voice is strong from the start. And Jones' bass is up in the mix. My gosh, what a musician. Under-rated and often under-mixed. Tonight Zeppelin made it work. A real driving rock band. "February 12 - New York -- Another great Bonham show (see "Heartbreaker"). Definitely takes the cake for best sounding '75 show with the matrix." Agreed. And a great vibe. "March 21 - Seattle" - Number 1? - great peaks, but the band was just.... what is the phrase?.... a little off kilter. With the soundboard, I find it is a good yet an over-rated show. "March 3 - Ft. Worth -- One of the most energetic shows of the year....." I'm going to have to find this Texas killer! Interesting how opinions differ. I'm no fan of Long Beach but I still hope for a soundboard of March 12 to reconsider. I'm listening to Moby Dick, from March 20th, as I finish. I can't believe it. I like it! In reviewing these shows, it seems like the band has matured. 69 to 73 is great but wild. In 75, they no longer have to conquer America. They own America. And Canada too. Thanks for posting.
  18. June 21 1977. Millard. My favorite. Like a professional recording with happy warts!
  19. Cool! Yea, I noticed JPJ bass much clearer here. Wonder why JP didn't make it so at first release. Listening to DAC as I write. Much better. Thanks!
  20. Yes, this is good reading. Thanks for the suggestion. What I'm looking for is a more technical discussion of what the heck happened between the first release of HTWWW and the 2018 remaster. The 2018 remaster rocks - the original sounds to me - well, I don't want to put into print what I thought of it - but I do want to know what JP did to make this version much more "alive" than the original. How did JP achieve a richer sound this time? New sources, new technology, new ears? Thanks!
  21. Cool upload! How can we get the rest? Someone will have to a How Japan Was Won.
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