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  1. oh, I was at the side of the stage for the 1986 boston garden firm show, and that song either closed the set, or was an encore, but at the end page would solo, then play the music, then do an even more climatic solo, then play the music and so on, he really built this epic ending, with each solo outdoing the next one....the only time I can think of when jimmy does this, would be the end of ten years gone from the 1977 tour, when he playing solo's then the riff and so on. hope to see jimmy on a solo tour this year.....
  2. I just read something where they referred to Jason as a kid back in the 80's, so the idea of continuing on with zeppelin at that point wasn't feasible in their eyes. Also, Plant made a recent comment where he said that Jason thought he was heir to the throne back in the 80's after the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary gig.
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