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    music, music, music and the arts of any kind i make jewelry and am trying my hand at mixed media arts my son played all instruments since junior high and was involved in all the choirs at school he currently is in the seattle men's chorus me i cant carry a tune but i still love music even when my son tells me to sshhhh hahahaha
  1. all please see my comments to this dark lord in his many postings with these very same words tisha
  2. you are quite offensive sir 'if' he did any music at all etc etc great headline grabber though" i do believe that pagey has many many songs within his heart and in his head a true musician never stops his head is constantly filled with music just ask any true musician. they may take a break and then come up with some of the most helllashish music you have ever heard, oh he has it in him our jimmy page dont underestimate him the great guitar god of 2015. he has more talent than the true headline grabber mr, i use that term loosely .plant he has not the talent of any of his band mates he would just be a bar singer if page had not given him the chance so give credit where credit is due and i would almost bet my eyeteeth that you dark lord are actually plant in disguise, alas though i have no eye teeth but it would be of no surprise to me the way you berate mr page
  3. well that sucks i dont think i like your opinion i think that what ever it is he comes up with will definitely be jimmy and definitely one for the records. plants been grabbing headlines for years, then he lies and cant sing you really think pagey would do worse than that? you are a dark lord go back from whence you came i command it!
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