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  1. @ Trufan Thank you. If you were to compare a normal CD to a 96/24 would you hear the difference through computer speakers? Well, depending on your musical ear, yes. Would it be better to play the music on a higher end stereo with proper hi-fi speakers? Yes You can obtain the 96/24 files in two ways : 1. With the download card provided in the 'Super Deluxe Box Set" 2. Purchasing the 96/24 files from an HD file online store, such as HDTracks.
  2. @pujols I did the same thing, playing on my home Denon.
  3. @Trufan I will try to explain it as briefly and as un technical as possible. 96/24 stands for the bit rate that the Zeppelin tracks have been re mastered digitally. 24 bits at 96 kHz. We are used to listening to CD's which are only 16 bits at 44.1 kHz. Think of it this way, 96/24 music tracks are larger in comparison to their CD counterparts, and even larger still than their MP3 equivalents. Why is that? Because the music track (or file) contains more information. When CD's were made, they cut out the information, or sounds, they thought theoretically we couldn't hear anyways. The
  4. Well, Mr. Page said he wanted to remind people "what a fucking good band Led Zeppelin was" and he has definitely succeeded. I just downloaded the 96/24 tracks from HDTracks and they sound amazing. I encourage everyone who has the box set to use their download card, or purchase them separately, as I did. I have just finished listening to Zeppelin III, and you can very easily see the marked sonic improvement. The music is clear and clean, although I wish it was more than just 2 channel, 5.1 would be ideal, but at the very least 2.1 for better bass. However, it is an experience I recommen
  5. No JTM you are not deluded, having Led Zeppelin albums on high res ( either 96/24 or 192/48) would be fantastic. It would be preferable if they released them on a disc within the box sets ( like The Doors and Pink Floyd did) . I am also hoping for a 5.1 mix, because this would bring the music to another level of enjoyment. Imagine sitting in a chair, with a high res 5.1 mix of "In The Light" playing around you, the opening drone spinning around your head as the sound travels from speaker to speaker...one can only wish. There has been little detail about the format of the "HD download"
  6. Yes. Me. Would you like to see Wearing and Tearing? I will need some time to set up, but can do that for you.
  7. I am a little disappointed, I was hoping for a 5.1 /High Res mix of all the albums. The Doors did it with all their studio albums, along with a selected few from Yes and Pink Floyd. They all sound fantastic. Now I did notice a digital download in 96/24, which is high res, so we're halfway there. I am hoping that may be mixed in 5.1 . Just imagine the opening drone of " In The Light" swirling around you in high res 5.1.... Over the last few years I had considered starting a poll or petition on this site to see if Mr. Page would consider mixing these albums in high res 5.1, either on DVD Au
  8. Well it was more than a gimmick, two sticks in each hand obviously produces a louder and different sound from the drum
  9. Hi Angamie Thank you for your comment, I enjoy playing and learning more every day. I can put up a video, just may take some time...lol
  10. Hi Back Beat For that solo at the end of Rock and Roll try practicing your one handed buzz rolls. Bonzo used these a lot obviously. The strength for those comes from the wrists. Another good way too practice is too play his hand movements on one drum, or practice pad even. Then move to the drums on the kit. The bass drum note is the first note of every bar. The solo from TSRTS is essentially much like the studio version, albeit much faster.
  11. Hi Storm Thank you very much for the welcome, and no offense taken, it is my first post, I was ina rush to get it online, and I didn't want to make it too technical. And words are hard to describe...I would rather demonstrate on my drums!!! Is there anything in particular you would like to know? About Kashmir, it's a pretty straight forward drum beat, no real tricks or special techniques that I can see, however as Robert Plant stated once Bonzo's Kashmir drumming had swing, and gave us the "sense of motion". That in itself is a major achievement. He does hit his snare drum
  12. John Bonhams Drumming Explained Rather a heady title I admit. I don’t think anyone can fully explain him. However I have been playing the drums for roughly 38 years, and I started out wanting to be like him at the age of 5. (And Ringo). So I thought some of you might want some insight from a drummer who has studied a master. Because after all, to become a master one must study a master. This could well be a 100 page essay, but in the interest of brevity I have selected a few songs hopefully everyone has access to, and noted time marks where applicable to illustrate my examples. John B
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