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  1. JP seems to have always wanted to get LZ together, but Plant didn't. JP had to satisfy his LZ fix in another manner.
  2. What frustrates me is Robert is happy playing Zep music, without the surviving members. I have never been a fan of his solo stuff so seeing him isn't an option. I won't play these songs with you JP or you JPJ but with these others I will. That always frustrated me. I've always felt over the years Jimmy should have just started another blues based band and played the blues. I do appreciate the way he took care of the brand overtime. I would have loved to have seen Jimmy Page and Friends...JP, JPJ, JB and a female blues singer. I don't know which female voice JP could certainly find one and go and perform a blues based show with some Zep tunes mixed in. That would hav emade me happy. Was that too much to wish for? Born too late I guess....
  3. My older brother, late 70s, had LZ IV. I heard peeps talking about the band but I never listened to them. Then I did. I thought this was so different from everything else. They were my stepping stone to hard rock, metal, and then punk. Once i hit my late 30s and the internet exploded I started listening to all of the boots our LZ friends would post. Those are the be all end all. The 3 hours of lunacy. The hammer of the gods. I now seek out out obscure late 60s early 70s hard rock, hard blues, heavy psych hoping that there might be another Zep I missed out on. I haven't found it yet but I have discovered some gems that I never would have discovered if it wasn't for Zep. You can take my collection of over 1000 cds and vinyl just leave me my Zep.
  4. Pop/country artist Jessie James at a radio station hits a homerun.
  5. ABout 20 years ago I worked in a shoe store and they played elevator music in the store. Why? Because we all love to shop while listening to elevator music. Well this music company played really borning instrumental versions of songs. Really bad cheap versions. Anyway, everyonce in a while you would hear an LZ song. I wish I could remember the song. It was SO out of place with the rest of the music that was played.
  6. I listen to both. I only listen to live when I have enough time to get through a show, or most of it.
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