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  1. I've visited:- Boleskine House (1978) Peter Grant's mansion Horselunges Manor in Hellingley (2015) Jimmy's old mansion Plumpton Place (Featured in TSRTS) (2016) Bron yr Aur cottage (2017) Tenuous connection:- Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island, which was once owned by Henry Hudson (Country Life founder), who also lived in Plumpton Place. I also chatted to John Bonham briefly in a pub near Kidderminster in 1978.
  2. The new Peter Grant book is excellent, with a few very rare photographs, he seemed to have a shit life towards the end, but the last couple of years he found contentment. An amazing man by all accounts.
  3. Jimmy's beautiful home in Sonning, Deanery Gardens and his former home Plumpton Place (Also featured in TSRTS) were both previously owned by Edward Hudson, the founder of "Country Life". Hudson also once owned Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island, Northumberland.
  4. Featured in "The Song remains the same" Vintage article:- https://www.rostronandedwards.com/Shop/Country_Life_Magazine/6358
  5. I think even Jimmy has now accepted that he is banging his head against the wall trying to get Percy to do something he obviously doesn't want to do. Let's face it, both of them hardly have to worry about the next electric bill do they? Zeppelin's peak was between 1970-75, after that they were a shadow of their former selves....I was lucky enough to be at at Earls Court in '75, and both Knebworth's and that's how I prefer to remember them. Let it be....
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