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  1. Agreed. Heck of a shock when I put it through my amp and the house felt the bass. Suspect this is more like the concerts sounded and felt like. At knebworth I could feel the bass pedals in my chest at 100 yards.
  2. The only part of that concert I listen to is the acoustic set.
  3. Destroyer on cassette - remember loving the sound but being underwhelmed by much of the performance.
  4. From memory, Knebworth had a bit of a hammering off the music press in the UK but most fans I knew took that with a pinch of salt - they were back but what next? After Robert’s comments at Knebworth some wondered whether there may be surprise small gigs in the offing, like the Copenhagen warm ups. However the changes in British music tastes and the press slagging off knebworth probably contributed to the cut down and less excessive set list for the 1980 tour. A tour that I don’t remember being reported in the music press. Whether that reduced setlist would have been replicated if there had been an American tour where musical tastes hadn’t changed as much and the media wasn’t so critical we won’t know.
  5. An evenly uneven performance by Jimmy. Over the hills was seriously affected by equipment problems and a broken string but Trampled underfoot was a mess. i still listen to and watch both Knebworth gigs as they bring back memories of great experiences despite the limitations. Each to their own I suppose. However I agree that they should have been the catalyst for sorting out the problems in and around the band.
  6. I’m amazed they didn’t walk off after the rocket incident let alone play such a great gig. This was always a show I really liked but the Lirio remaster takes it somewhere else. After years of listening to limited quality cassette tapes I am eternally grateful to all of the talented people who have taken the time to remaster recordings and share their work. i enjoy reading the nitpicking series, it will be interesting to read an impartial critique of the knebworth gigs compared to my own thoughts (based on audience and soundboard recordings and dvd’s) which are always going to be coloured by my experiences.
  7. I think that your last paragraph sums up a lot of 1977 for me. Most of the gigs I’ve listened to are ok up to sibly. If page loses the plot in no quarter that kills the song for me. Ten years gone can be a struggle but the acoustic set through to Kashmir is usually good. over the top is jump to next track. The guitar solo I can live with as long as it doesn’t go on too long. Achilles- can sound as if it is on the verge of falling apart but they normally hold on. Then comes stairway and the solo in that can again kill the song. A few mistakes by page doesn’t wreck the gig for me, but when he’s improvising and struggles it can be painful to listen to.
  8. Different folks and different strokes. To me because Jimmy sounds a bit meh it was a major disappointment when I first got hold of 27 April tapes in the 80’s. I’ve tried several times but can’t get into the concert as a whole. I like the sound quality of the Houston show but Jimmy isn’t great. Jonesy rarely had a bad song let alone a bad gig, Bonzo rarely mucked up. Robert had struggles over the years but if Jimmy was off I have problems. 77 to me Jimmy was inconsistent within a gig let alone from gig to gig. Perhaps I need to change my way of listening to these concerts and create a highlights playlist of the songs I can listen to and enjoy.
  9. Achilles last stand - needed several more guitars to hit the heights of the studio version.
  10. I thought that the mellotron tapes were limited by their size so could only be used for short bursts at a time before resetting and that under hot lights I.e. on stage the tapes could stretch and cause the equivalent of tuning and pitch issues. Hence it’s unpredictability on the 75 tour.
  11. As it’s February time to think of St Valentine’s Day. With the 21.3 release i’ve Neglected 14.2.75 for a while. A mistake on my part.
  12. Amazing sound quality on that one, but like the current 1977 soundboards not one of the best performances I’ve heard. Love/hate 1977 I get the feeling that some gigs would have been better experiencing the show than listening to the tape. cutting back some of the bloat in NQ, white summer/black mountainside, over the top and the guitar solo would have tightened the shows no end. But those days were what they were. Maybe there is a killer 1977 soundboard out there somewhere to go with the LA Millard tapes.
  13. It was all about the money. At knebworth Robert hinted about a uk tour but was that really a possibility? Venues such as the city hall Newcastle (mentioned by name) had a capacity of a couple of thousand. Despite the Who “put the boot in” one off gigs at charlton (London) and Swansea I don’t think that football stadia gigs had really taken off in the uk at that time and there were no big arenas outside of London. A lot of work for not a lot of reward. Breaking and making it in the states and becoming tax exiles was where the money was to be made.
  14. The remastered TSRTS has been on for some time and I've been listening to recordings from the 28th and 29th. i understand the Frankenstein job on no quarter a lot better and can see why plantations were omitted. However although the sound is stunning it just doesn't flow like a live gig.
  15. No quarter in 77 was bloated best thing in 79 was paring it back. The sections of dazed and confused in 75 fitted together better than the sections of no quarter in 77.
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