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  1. I thought I saw a picture on here that showed JP signing these books in 2015. Can someone post it? Can't seem to find it through the search. THX.
  2. Just received the leather book from DHL carrier. I'm number 16 and also got the 8x10. Top notch quality!!! Thank you Dave Lewis and Rufus! Ok, shoot me and drag me from a horse but i have to ask. Is that JP's signature or DL's? I know JP said he was signing books, but i looked up JP signature and it doesn't look like that.
  3. You know, I really understand that, but still its what gave them the fame they have today. They should at least acknowledge it. I know Robert seems to want to distance himself from anything Zeppelin. What about JPJ? What would his reasons be? IDK, maybe its just me. Different world today..... I'm old school.
  4. Can someone shed some light on the subject as to why it is only JP doing the promotion for the reissues. I understand that he has done all the work on them, but I would think that RP & JPJ would have gotten together at some point for a conference or radio talk show. I have not found anything by the other members even talking about it. I saw the thread on Jason talking about the tension during the o2 rehearsals (if true or not), but got me thinking that it seems it's all JP.
  5. ^^ JPJ was soooo underrated! I never really have given him as much credit years ago, that I do now. He could have been just as important to the music as JP in how the songs turned out in terms of arranging. From what I know, he preferred to be in the background and didn't want or need the lime light. That was for RP & JP. The couple of videos of him on youtube playing guitar is amazing. I wish there was more stuff on him as compared to JP.
  6. FYI, I got an email from Rufus today saying that my Leather book is shipping on July 7! Can't wait.
  7. woz70 thanks for the link! looks like should be shipping soon.
  8. That sucks, what's the hold up? When is/was the official ship date?
  9. Like it says, has anyone received it yet? I thought they started shipping on June 16? I live in the states and will be out of town in a couple of weeks and I don't want to miss it. I emailed Rufus a couple of days ago and heard nothing from them. Anybody got any info to post? Thanks!
  10. Updated list: I - 11699 II - 25761 III - 909 IV - 594 HOTH - 2688 PG - 8710
  11. Just letting everyone know I got my HD download coupon reset. I now have the correct 96/24 download What a difference in sound from the 44k. The 44k sounded tinny with more hiss. The 96/24 is richer and fuller in everyway. When I first did the download and played it, my thoughts were disappointing because it was flat. Only after reading this issue on this forum did I realized what had happened. What great forum!!!
  12. Add me to the list too. Just emailed them. Curious on how the correct files are going to sound compared to the 44/24.
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