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  1. Hey Michael, just come across this thread and seen the sheer amount of effort you must have put in to creating such a great range of shows. I normally don't listen to compilations, just whole shows, but what you've put together sounds fascinating so would love a link please. Thanks.
  2. Anyone else find they mostly listen to the Zeppelin boots? I love Zeppelin live so much that the studio albums sound so staid to me. I have box sets, remasters, the deluxe editions but listening to 04/27/1969, 09/04/1970 (obviously!), 09/29/1971 - Jeez I could go on and on, is a treat beyond what the studio albums can give. Plus knowing that what you hear is what they actually played is so much better than Jimmy's hack and slash of the official live recordings - poor old Robert gets about 30 seconds of Plantations and that's it. Just find that, like Jimmy once said, they are at their best live
  3. Have to say that of all the versions of 9/04 I have, the one I keep returning to is 'Another Master', no label. I downloaded it about a year ago and it's still my favorite version. Replying to your post Steve because I know people love collecting different versions of 9/04 so this is definitely worth checking out.
  4. Thanks Steve. It's good to know that you're pressing on with remastering and remixing. No good waiting on Jimmy! Reading the articles on the Garden Tapes site they show just how meticulous and nit-picking Jimmy is when he remasters live releases (all four of them, wow! - Royal Albert Hall and Paris included). Probably take him about 5 years to do 1975-05-24 or 25 so they're not going to happen unless he finally decides he can delegate. 1971-09-29 and 1977-06-07 are fantastic releases by you so knowing there's probably some more to come cheers me up no end when releases have generally dried up
  5. Will definitely have a listen. Just 'Followed' your podcast on Spotify. Looks like you've some really interesting episodes to listen to.
  6. Mainly a question for SteveZ98 but others here may have an idea. With the new mixes and remasters done by Steve, Nite Owl and others, whereby the technology is here which can make old boots sound so much better, do you think the technology and tools are advanced enough so that something like the Bath recordings could be significantly improved and, if so, is it something that would be practical to do? We only have quite poor versions of Bath so it would be fantastic to have a decent quality mix and remaster of that date.
  7. Steve's phenomenal stereo remaster of 1971-09-29. As good as an official release and unscrewed around by Jimmy. 😄 A wonderful listen
  8. Discovered I don't have that many 1971 shows but a couple I would add is 1971-11-25, Leicester, 'Best For Hard 'n' Heavy' [EVSD] and 1971-09-09 - Hampton, 'High Heeled Sneakers [Godfather]. These are a couple of the releases I have and both are pretty good to say the least.
  9. Hi Steve, can I get a link please? Hell, I've got 11 versions of 01/22 so one more will be just fine. Thanks! Hi Steve, got the link. Thanks so much mate. 👍
  10. Steve's version of New York 77-06-07 - The Past Is In Our Souls. What a fine effort. A wonderful listen.
  11. Just listening to this again Steve. Love it. I was disappointed that their last New York run had no decent releases, until now. It's great Steve and just want to thank your for creating such a great version.
  12. What you've done with these releases is amazing and, to my mind, makes the lack of new soundboard releases not so painful. Being able to generate new life to average recordings opens up Zeppelin's live music like never before. Please send me a link too. Much appreciated Steve.
  13. I'm going to add these details from the Fanedit(or). If they should not be here then apologies, I will remove them. They detail just what the edits are and what changes were made. Like I said, it's a long way from perfect but is a decent stab at making a 'real' concert video. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brief Synopsis: Despite some great live music captured in the movie, the concert is constantly interrupted by something either fairly uninteresting (dull documentary footage that seems staged
  14. Very nice! Looking forward to hearing the complete version as well as more of your Stereo Project releases, Steve.
  15. "How happy would all Zep fans be if they had the fantasy sequence footage replaced with the actual playing," <cough!> In For A Quick Garden <cough!> A long way from perfect but a decent attempt.
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