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  1. I'm going to add these details from the Fanedit(or). If they should not be here then apologies, I will remove them. They detail just what the edits are and what changes were made. Like I said, it's a long way from perfect but is a decent stab at making a 'real' concert video. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brief Synopsis: Despite some great live music captured in the movie, the concert is constantly interrupted by something either fairly uninteresting (dull documentary footage that seems staged) or seriously drowned in vanity (the band home movies, or fantasy sequences). This edit shows one complete uninterrupted concert out of all official footage available. Intention: The official soundtrack LP is a must-have live album, and I always wondered how the movie would look like if it followed the LP more closely. Previous attempts made by others are available, but they felt a bit crude so I decided to try doing the assembly myself. Additional Notes: Be aware that this movie is infamous for having been badly edited at the time. Especially regarding the sound/visual synchro. When preparing the restored DVD/Blu-Ray in 2007, Jimmy Page was not allowed to modify any footage of the film due to copyrights issues, but he did modify the soundtrack heavily to make it more in sync with the visuals. While being a huge improvement, many out-of-sync moment remains. Other Sources: -The 2007 double DVD bonus disc: Celebration Day (Cutting Copy), Over The Hills and Far Away, The Ocean, Misty Mountain Hop -The Led Zeppelin 2003 double DVD: Black Dog, Since I've Been Loving You, various crowd shots and backstage footage (from menu) -8mm footage from the concerts released by the band on Youtube: dialogues, performance gap in Dazed and Confused -An old VHS called "The First Cuts": alternative live concert shots for Rain Song and The Song Remains The Same -The remixed soundtrack from 2007 (double CD): Heartbreaker, dialogues, crowd -The official soundtrack from 1976 (Cd from the nineties): dialogues Special Thanks: Alain Le Roux, for whom this edit is dedicated, Paul Currie, from Yeeshkul!, for his kindness in providing rare footage across the Atlantic free-of-charge, Eddie Edwards, author of The Garden Tapes, for his deep research into this concert recording, Neglify, from the FanEdit forum, for being patient while guiding me through the approval process, TM2YC, from the FanEdit forum, for the absolutly fabulous artwork, And of course the guys from the Led Zeppelin forum. Keep on rocking! CHANGES Editing Details: -Jimmy Page used voluntarily 8mm and VHS footage for the LZ DVD 2003 footage. And for great artistic effect. I used the same technique: additive transitions, aspect ratio preserved, color correction, and syncing with the soundtrack. -The soundtrack is entirely made of the Kevin Shirley fantastic stereo mix. That is the glue that holds the movie together: while the visuals can be rough sometimes, the soundtrack quality kicks ass. Cuts and Additions: ADDITIONS: -4 new songs included: Celebration Day, Over The Hills and Far Away, The Ocean, and Misty Mountain Hop. -Added a few dialogues between songs using a combination of 8mm footage and the album sountrack. -Heartbreaker is included! Fully! This was made possible by using every backstage footage cut from the movie, and the 2007 CD, to create a brand new documentary/fantasy sequence,. -Black Dog is now complete, thanks to the alternate edit from LZ DVD 2003. ALTERATIONS: -The concert plays with the songs in their original playing order, and the music plays without any interruption. -The credits are now at the end of the movie. -Since I've Been Loving You use an alternate edit made for the Led Zeppelin 2003 DVD for the sole reason of being much more in sync then it's original counterpart. -A random backstage shot inserted in Dazed and Confused is now replaced by real concert footage. -The Song Remains The Same and Rain Song are entirely re-edited to include more actual performance footage, and less of Robert Plant fantasy sequence. DELETIONS: -Backstage dialogues are gone. -Documentary parts are also gone. -The robbery sequence is cut. Any allusions to it is gone. -The band "home movies" introduction is cut, as well as Peter Grant and Richard Cole fantasy sequence. The concert starts right away. TECHNICAL FIXES: -LZ 2003 DVD footage have their original aspect ratio corrected (using frames from the movie as reference), and level-adjusted (the blacks were crushed). -"First Cuts" footage have been corrected in many aspects: colors, speed, sync and aspect ratio (using frames from the movie as reference). -Black levels and contrats should remian consistent through the movie despite the varying footage quality.
  2. Very nice! Looking forward to hearing the complete version as well as more of your Stereo Project releases, Steve.
  3. "How happy would all Zep fans be if they had the fantasy sequence footage replaced with the actual playing," <cough!> In For A Quick Garden <cough!> A long way from perfect but a decent attempt.
  4. Holy......whatever!!! Four hours of 1977 LA Forum video? I must be dreaming. SOB!! 😨
  5. Hey Steve, just listened a couple of times to 06-07-1977 and I have to say that I love it. I've been disappointed that their last MSG run had no real quality audience releases - Magical Sound Boogie was OK but what you've done with it makes it something else again. Thanks for your efforts man!. I was thinking actually that the dearth of new soundboards may not be such a terrible thing if people like you, Winston, dagdad, JEMS and the others can give audience recordings and SBDs a new lease of life with stereo mixes using this new software. Great stuff. Thanks again! Oh yeah, seems to run a touch slow. I upped it a couple of clicks (2%) and it's spot on now.
  6. Hi Steve, could you send me a link please? Tried tracking it down at the usual places but no luck. The 1977 New York releases have been disappointing up to now (Magical Sound Boogie is OK) so your version of 06/07 has definitely put a smile on my face. Many thanks. Sorry Steve, could I have the links for the other releases you mention? Many thanks. [UPDATE] Thanks a lot for your swift response and for the links Steve. Very much appreciated!
  7. I will take it a bit further for you....:-) Hawkwind - Space Ritual Ten Years After - Live at Fillmore East The Outlaws - Bring it Back Alive Derek & The Dominoes at Fillmore East Jimi Hendrix - Winterland Fleetwood Mac (the real one) - Boston Happy to help. 🙂
  8. Agreed, HTWWW is a damn fine release. However, I also enjoy listening to 'How The West Was (Really) Won', 'How The West Was Redone (Winston)' and 'The Great Western Expansion (JRK)'. All are great alternatives (as most of you know of course).
  9. I may be in a minority of one here but I have to say that I don't understand why Sick Again was part of the 1-2 opening songs for so long. No matter how many times I hear it I just can't avoid the fact that it is probably their weakest song. It is just...nothing. Custard Pie (was it ever played live?) would have been a much better choice, or The Rover. I think both are stronger songs and both would have fit right in with the 75 tour set and perhaps in the 77 set. Am I the only one that feels this way? PS: I'd have loved to have seen When The Levee Breaks instead of In My Time of Dying in the 75 sets. Both have that swamp blues vibe but Levee is the more enjoyable and powerful of the two. Just my opinion of course. Maybe it was because it was from PG rather than IV.
  10. I read somewhere - perhaps in an issue of Tight But Loose, that after recording ITTOD Jimmy said to Bonzo that they would make a harder, more classic Zep album next time. I think it's fair to say that Jimmy wasn't thrilled with ITTOD and maybe Bonzo wasn't either (I'm basing that on what Jimmy was supposed to have said to him). However, it seems to me that after the freedom and contributions that Jones had on the album it wouldn't have been so easy to put him back in his box i.e. the Page/Plant plus Jones would no longer be a given, it would be Page/Plant/Jones all on level ground. Perhaps with Plants ongoing need to experiment and Jones' need to expand his role, I can imagine that if Bonzo had lived there could have been a split appearing in the band with Plant and Jones wanting to head in one direction and Jimmy and Bonzo in another. That would either result in more complexity allied with power or a complete mess as the two parties may not have been able to find any real common ground any more. It's all supposition of course but, like with The Beatles, perhaps it was better the band ended when it did so its legacy remains unblemished.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if Plant or even Page said no due to Plant's voice being in a poor state in 75. An Earls Court video and audio release would seem a no brainer unless there were objections. I know there's quite a bit of Earls Court footage in the official DVD collection but perhaps a full-on release is considered a non-starter. Interesting that there's been no post 1973 live album officially released.
  12. That cover is definitely a keeper. With quite a few remaster/remixes that get released by enthusiasts that don't have artwork, artwork like yours would be a great substitute. Very classy. One thing, perhaps play around with the font, make it a bit more interesting or related to Zeppelin if you can. Just a thought.
  13. Thank you for the guitars101 heads-up. Link is still working.
  14. Hot damn! These are gorgeous! Great work. Thank you.
  15. This one is my goto one right now. (no label)
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