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    Oh yeah. The last post was in 2017 so still no wiser.
  2. Jukkin


    For the life of my I can't find a search option on here. Anyway, I used to access uuweb nearly every day. A couple of years ago I noticed it was down. It's never come back of course. I Google searched on it but get nothing back. Can someone tell me what happened to it? It was a great resource and it's a shame it's no longer up and running.. Thanks.
  3. Wonderful stuff - are you still creating them? Would love to see more and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  4. Pretty good release for 09-23-71, 3-3-75. The Budokan, Tokyo. Play this version a lot - just hits the spot.
  5. I've been reading through this whole thread to see if it finally led anywhere, it didn't. As most have said the 50th anniversary celebration was pitiful and Jimmy just keeps on being Jimmy - manjana, manjana! Some people made reference to 50th anniversary celebrations of other bands and of how much more impressive they were. Well to be fair The Beatles 50th anniversary celebration was even less impressive than Zeppelin's - nada. I mark the Beatles beginning as the day they went into the recording studio with George Martin, June 6th 1962. Their first album, Please, Please Me (UK of course), was
  6. Listening to this again. What a fantastic version. My goto version now. Thanks for all your skill and hard work!!!
  7. Maybe Jimmy's got more goodies stuffed behind the sofa than we thought........
  8. Me personally, I feel that no matter what JPJ, Dave Grohl or Josh do next, a second TCV album would trump everything. I don't know but how hard would it be for them to release a second album. They mention it every so often but it's getting like Jimmy saying he's going to leave his house with his guitar case. A new TCV album would be seismic, for me anyway. That and a new BCC album would be so sweet and both with Zeppelin connections. Rock needs the bloodline to continue!
  9. I'd really appreciate a link too. As others have said, the Guitars 101 link is no longer working. Thanks.
  10. I recall reading Richard Cole's book. There the bit he's put in about Plant standing on the balcony of a hotel (might have been the Riot House) with is arms spread, shouting "I am a golden god!!!". Cole didn't seem that impressed IIRC. I got the feeling that Cole wasn't too fond of Plant, there's times in the book where he doesn't altogether hide is feelings about Plant. I think that Plant's refusal to do anything with Zeppelin after 2007 is because it's always been essentially Jimmy's band. People paid to see Zeppelin but, in my opinion, wanted to see Page doing his thing. Perhaps Robert d
  11. It's fairly clear that Jimmy's pretty much put his feet up now, and who can blame him? His aim for as near as perfection as possible when remastering live releases - TSRTS, HTWWW, must be a grueling process for him so I understand if he's decided to call it a day. What I would like to say though is that perhaps Jimmy could delegate the remastering of some of the better tapes so that the band's best nights do not remain lost to Zeppelin fans that love the band but are unaware of the tremendous amount of unofficial releases there are out these. Japan, Earls Court, April 27th 69, Vienna 1973, Feb
  12. Hi Steve. Would really appreciate a link. Many thanks!
  13. Hey Michael, just come across this thread and seen the sheer amount of effort you must have put in to creating such a great range of shows. I normally don't listen to compilations, just whole shows, but what you've put together sounds fascinating so would love a link please. Thanks.
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