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  1. This one is my goto one right now. (no label)
  2. Big fan of the March 1975 releases - Seattle and Vancouver are particularly represented by some great releases. Right now i'm listening to Deus Ex Machine from March 21st. The run of 19th/20th (Vancouver) and Seattle on the 21st is just magic. Never get tired of listening to them.
  3. I disagree.It's not about entitlement it's about the hunger to see the band for themselves, just once. When Lennon died, George Harrison famously said that "The Beatles will not be getting back together as long as John Lennon remains dead". And so that was that. However, with Zeppelin it's different, Page and JPJ wanted to continue after 2007 but Plant nixed it. Fans want to see their heroes in the flesh, playing the music they love. So, if there is the slightest chance that Plant might change his mind, they will continue hope and interviewers will continue to ask because of that hope - was it two million applications for O2 tickets? Tells you all you need to know about how desperately fans want to see the band. Is it demanding? Sure. However it is nothing to do with entitlement and everything to do with passion, for the band and for the music. You can't knock fans for hoping against hope, it's human nature.
  4. Many, many people have become fans in the years since Bonzo's death. I would bet it's those younger fans that hope against hope that they might still have a chance to see Zeppelin someday and for them, they know that if Robert was to say "yes" they could get their wish. When only one band member is holding out fans believe there is still a chance things might change. I'm 65, I no longer give a crap about live bands as my recliner and the blu-ray of TSRTS is about my rock 'n' roll limit these days but that doesn't mean I can't put myself in those younger fans position and imagine the hunger to see Zeppelin just the one time.
  5. Not talking about demanding at all. Merely saying that he should be a little less off-hand in his responses to being asked about another reunion as Zeppelin are not just another band, they are second only to The Beatles in impact and in the quality of their music. So many people have become fans in the years after the band was done and so even the slightest chance they might have a chance to see Zeppelin play is grabbed at. Plant gets asked the question all the time for two reasons; he has been the sole holdout, and he has never sat down for a few minutes to clarify why he won't do it any more. Do you think the journo's care that much? Of course not but they know their readership does. Whatever you say about Plant's right to do whatever he wants I maintain that he has a moral obligation to explain to Zeppelin's younger fans just why he will never go back. It's very simple, either Plants continues to get exasperated by being asked repeatedly about performing as Percy again or he gives the fans his reasons in a way that makes it clear to them that the door is firmly closed for good. The choice is his - and I don't think it's too much to ask of him at all.
  6. Successful artists make millions from people buying albums and concert tickets so to imply that the hopes of fans are of no matter or are an irritant - journos with their access can ask the questions that fans rarely get the chance to, is a bit rich. These questions get asked at interviews or press conferences arranged by the artist to promote a record, book or tour so if Plant doesn't want to be asked yet again about Zeppelin then maybe he should not hold so many press conferences. He is asked again and again for one very good reason, time has almost run out. Yeah, sorry if Plant' gets the hump with being asked again and again but I'm sure sipping on chilled Moet in his beautiful home will ease the strain....remembering who paid for his lifestyle of course.
  7. Paul McCartney left his band 48 years ago yet seems happy to accept his legacy and happy to play mostly Beatles songs when he's on tour. He also has a touring band that recreates the Beatles sound wonderfully well. He issues his own albums every few years and gets to front 'The Beatles' on tour. 76 years old and still happy as a clam and still a rock god. Plant needs to understand that there is such a huge demand for Zeppelin to play some shows again. It's too late now of course but at least he should accept that people continue to hope and at least be gracious when answering the question. BTW has he ever given a proper reason why he doesn't want to do it? I don't recall reading of one but I may well have missed it.
  8. Yes I know, I'm going on, but just seen this. A big thank you to the fans for 50 years of support: https://www.loudersound.com/news/judas-priest-promise-something-special-for-50th-anniversary-celebrations
  9. Macca. 76 years old, new album, still touring - looked and sounded good at Grand Central Station (YouTube).
  10. Feel somewhat disappointed that my most anticipated Zeppelin release item this year is EVSD's soundboard of 09-29-1971. So much for the 50th. To be fair though, the 50th anniversary of Please, Please Me was noted by even less than Zeppelin's; nothing as I recall, not even a mention from Apple.
  11. My wallet's going to be made of Led too. A book. Another book of photos. TSRTS remastered yet again. That's it? No Earls Court release - I at least hoped for an album. Still no fecking live release after 1973. No How The East Was Won (ok, quality may not be up to Jimmy's standard). No (often rumoured and indeed mentioned by Jimmy back in the 70's) live compilation(s). He's led the fans on and on for years - every year it's "I'll be releasing new music next year. I'm going to be doing this. I'm going to be doing that. Just STFU if you don't mean it. I was pissed off at plant back in 2008 but I expected a bit more from Jimmy considering that Jimmy always said that Zeppelin were a live band and what do we have? 2.5 live albums. I am done with it. Judas Priest, Saxon, Iron Maiden at least try and give the fans what they want. Seems Jimmy is too busy trading barbs with Robbie Williams to do anything constructive any more. Yes I'm bitter. Done and fecking dusted!!!
  12. See the site OK but there's no pricing or order links.
  13. I may be very mistaken but didn't Plant cash in his stake in Zeppelin some years ago? If that's the case then I can't see him having any veto rights. (or did I dream it?)
  14. Feck it. Moonchild sets now seem to be going from $35 to $50 now plus shipping!! I'm sticking with Winston releases and if I feel like burning discs I can. Moonchild should not be indulged they should be shunned for ripping off Andy so fecking blatently.
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