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  1. There's been no new issue since #44. I emailed Dave but got no reply and can't find any state of play info on Dave's site Anyone know if the TBL magazine is done? Would be a great shame if it is as it simply an indispensable source of Zeppelin news and excellent articles.
  2. Hey Steve, this dumb SOB read 'June' when I should have been reading 'May'. What can I say. Sorry for being a PITA and thanks again for the links.
  3. Thanks Steve, very much appreciated.
  4. Would appreciate a link very much Steve. Many thanks.
  5. Steve, forgive me for asking, but is this really May 21st? It seems to be missing Over The Hills And Far Away, Heartbreaker and Rock 'n' Roll. It has In My Time of Dying, and Trampled Underfoot as the last track. The track lists of all my other copies of May 21st do have the missing tracks and do not have IMTOD or TUF. The problem is that there's no info.txt file Steve so I can see what date this particular tracklist is from. Can you clarify please? Thanks.
  6. Wow, that was quick Steve!! Many thanks for the link.
  7. I grab everything you release Steve. Would love a link. Many thanks.
  8. Hi Steve, can I get a link please? Many thanks.
  9. Jukkin


    Oh yeah. The last post was in 2017 so still no wiser.
  10. Jukkin


    For the life of my I can't find a search option on here. Anyway, I used to access uuweb nearly every day. A couple of years ago I noticed it was down. It's never come back of course. I Google searched on it but get nothing back. Can someone tell me what happened to it? It was a great resource and it's a shame it's no longer up and running.. Thanks.
  11. Wonderful stuff - are you still creating them? Would love to see more and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  12. Pretty good release for 09-23-71, 3-3-75. The Budokan, Tokyo. Play this version a lot - just hits the spot.
  13. I've been reading through this whole thread to see if it finally led anywhere, it didn't. As most have said the 50th anniversary celebration was pitiful and Jimmy just keeps on being Jimmy - manjana, manjana! Some people made reference to 50th anniversary celebrations of other bands and of how much more impressive they were. Well to be fair The Beatles 50th anniversary celebration was even less impressive than Zeppelin's - nada. I mark the Beatles beginning as the day they went into the recording studio with George Martin, June 6th 1962. Their first album, Please, Please Me (UK of course), was released on March 22nd 1963. Celebrations? Zip. They have released Sgt Pepper, The White Album and Abbey Road as 50th Anniversary releases which is great but I don't get that ignoring their 50th anniversary (i.e. 62 or 63) was nothing but a real letdown to their fans - we didn't even get a fecking book! Perhaps it was thought that the massive disparity between early UK and USA releases made things too complicated. I understand that, especially if they had at least given people a heads-up so that we wouldn't expect to have the Beatles, as a band, get a 50th anniversary celebration. Like I say, Zeppelin's 50th sucked but the Beatles didn't even have a 50th!!
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