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  1. Man I fell on my ass when watching the trailer, I've been looking at the 240p low quality version of the RAH for years, and seeing that trailer blew my mind ! can't wait for a release !
  2. Just ordered mine, quite a big hole in the bank account but as you said, you can be sure it's an authentic signature, and it's going to be a great book to read and look at I'm sure! Can't wait for it!
  3. Oh man Rest in Peace Marty Balin, it actually truly make me sad, he was one of my favourite singer, "Today" has been my wake alarm for a few year now, and it's one of the song I love the most ... it hurts to hear this news .. it's just like hearing about Robert Plant, Jimmy Page or JPJ death Goodbye Martin.
  4. Oh okay thanks IpMan, I've always thought that they learned about his death back at the hotel after the gig.
  5. But they did know that Karac passed away after the Oakland gig the 24th right ? I mean you would expect a funeral 4 or 5 days after this date and not go on vacation ?
  6. Great picture ! I wonder if it's the usual jump that they use to do during Rock and roll
  7. Hi, It's been a long time since (I rock and roll) ok just kidding 😙, I've been wondering what's are the little triad chords Jimmy is playing during the solo in 1977 (and so on afterward ..) It start right at that moment and end at 10:00, of course he's not facing the camera, too easy otherwise ! the sound quality doesn't help me to find the right triads. Thank you very much for your help
  8. I get "Think about it" as well, and that's all right with me since it's my favorite Yardbirds songs with Train kept a rolllin'
  9. Sounds so clean ! I can't wait the full release !!
  10. It sounds a lot like an hard rock version of Born under a bad sign, still it's nice The cover of the EP is awesome ! Good luck and have fun !
  11. That's exactly it ! thank you very much Sathington, The Cream, what a great band !
  12. Hi, I was listening to the BBC Album, and in the medley of Whole lotta love (1/4/71) right at the end of That's alright Mama (8:55min in on the studio release) , Jimmy page play a little turnaround, but it sounds like it come from a song because of the way he play it. I can't put an name on it, maybe you guys can help me ? Thanks !
  13. I like it ! love the sound of the 12 strings, it match very well with the original. I don't bother to tune my 12 strings to other tunings than standard, I'm too afraid to break a string haha. Well done
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