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  1. Man I've been watching a few of your performances, I can't imagine how challenging it must be to play perfectly a 15/30/45min performance. I'm a guitar player, and I've never played drum, but you surely does make me want to ! I would love to see you play this short performance, especially what John did at 2:08 ! Bravo once again !
  2. Yeah that's surely a pedal steel for that final note
  3. He played Rock and roll on stage in 2015 if I'm not mistaken?
  4. Thanks Paganini, that's very true, I'll be careful about it on my next covers ! I'm totally satisfied with it, one of my friend got a Gibson and I can't tell any difference in quality (sound wise and quality wise). If it's setup correctly you will probably have a hard time find the difference. My main concern was the Bigsby, but the guitar doesn't go out of tune (when I bend the G string behind the nut of Heartbreaker I have no issue except if I do it 4 times in a row ..) and the sustain is still nice. That's the only difference with a Gibson, maybe a bit more sustain but that's probably just a setup issue on my side.
  5. Thanks ! Yes that's a copy of a Black Beauty, I bought it without the bigsby and added it myself. It look awesome and sounds great, but in all honesty so does any guitar IMO. The guitar is plugged into Amplitube 3 where I can choose the sound of the guitar. The Amp and the pedals does everything. But not every guitar has a bigsby, and that gives you a possibility for distinctive sounds. Just the fact that I'm able to play the intro to C'mon everybody at the RAH with it is well worth it haha!
  6. Hi! 😊 As a big fan of Led Zeppelin I've been playing a bunch of songs of the band for quite some time. I'm a bit perfectionist but since it's just for fun the covers are far from perfect. I'm planning on doing Dazed and confused soon since I have a bow.. Hopefully you can still enjoy them! Antoine.
  7. Hi ! Today I had a great surprise, like every years, Spotify show me a list of my most listened songs of the year, the artist of the year for me was Jimi Hendrix with 83 hours listening to him, followed by Led Zeppelin. My favourite song of the year was Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland which make sense since I've been listening to it countless time while playing guitar and learning it. the years before Since I've been loving you was my number 1. Since 2017, Hendrix went to number 1 as my favourite artist. Here's the list of the songs i've been listening to the most this year. Very interesting to look at for me ! It can be very cool if everyone can share his playlist (if you use Spotify). My top 100, from top (Have you ever been to .. Hendrix ) to Guess Who (BB king) for the first 42 songs
  8. Well hopefully there's some news coming up soon ! Because if they are just going to block those bootleg and do nothing, that would suck ! My upload of Train Kept a Rollin' and Sitting & thinking from Fillmore are still available on my Youtube channel.
  9. That's nice, there's no way this is going to sell beetween £10,000 and £20,000, at least £100,000 I'd say
  10. Thanks for the picture, I was hoping for a picture of Jimmy and Joe together. The credit on the back of the album answer my 1st, 2nd and third question. What I meant by "legal session" is that to avoid any problem he played under a false name on the album of Roy Harper "Stormcock" , which is not the case here obviously
  11. Hi, It's well known here that Jimmy Page played on With a little help from my friend, but was he the guitarist on the whole album ? or there was another guitarist (playing rhythm) in the studio ? Was it a "legal" session ? by that I mean that it was recorded in 1968, and maybe Jimmy Page went in the studio under a false name just like he did with Roy Harper. And finally is there any picture of Jimmy with Joe Cocker in the studio ? Thanks guys ! Ps : I should have post this in the Pre Zep forum, sorry !
  12. Man I fell on my ass when watching the trailer, I've been looking at the 240p low quality version of the RAH for years, and seeing that trailer blew my mind ! can't wait for a release !
  13. Just ordered mine, quite a big hole in the bank account but as you said, you can be sure it's an authentic signature, and it's going to be a great book to read and look at I'm sure! Can't wait for it!
  14. Oh man Rest in Peace Marty Balin, it actually truly make me sad, he was one of my favourite singer, "Today" has been my wake alarm for a few year now, and it's one of the song I love the most ... it hurts to hear this news .. it's just like hearing about Robert Plant, Jimmy Page or JPJ death Goodbye Martin.
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