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  1. Agree about IMTOD, once you are in the right open tunning, it's pretty easy. One song that seems hard to compose is TSRTS, The hybrid picking is pretty hard, even more on a 12 strings, and the whole chord/triads progression is beautiful.
  2. On the "Studio Magik 1968-1980" you will find alternate takes of many songs, no multi-tracks but there's some instrumentals.
  3. I can't remember for sure, but a few years ago, I saw a picture (on this forum maybe) of a rehearsal for the 77' tour, a there was a pedalsteel guitar (with Jimmy ?), it's been so long, I can't remember any details
  4. Thank you so much ! Yeah that's why I wore it, I had it before I even knew about Led Zeppelin haha. From the very start I've been using my thumb to reach the E and sometimes the A string. It's very useful, that way your index finger can do something else.
  5. Thank you very much ! I'm glad you liked it !
  6. Hi ! Just a quick post to let you know that I've been working on a guitar cover of "Train kept a rollin'" Yarbirds version. Hope you like it, and if you have criticism, don't hesitate i'll be glad to hear it. Antoine.
  7. Klape

    Quarantine poll

    I would say 12/4/10 But If Hendrix was in there, I'd switch with the Doors.
  8. True, but don't forget, that's not any autograph, that's The Man you've been a fan of all your life ! Just for the curious out there, the books are ready for shipment, the printer being in Italy, Genesis is waiting a bit (I'd say end of May/June) to ship the books. Boy, and I thought that was going to be my christmas gift haha
  9. Thanks, That's one of my favorite version of Train kept a rollin', surely in my top 3. It's nice to be able to put some visual on it.
  10. Thanks, that's too bad ! I guess people were not expecting such a great act and started filming during others song. Do you know any footage of Train kept a rollin' ? even if it's 15 seconds, it would be great already. Thanks Steve.
  11. Hi ! I was wondering if there is footage of a full performance of Train Kept a rollin' (1969 version, not 1980) ? I would love to see that Thanks !
  12. I feel a bit that way too about Black dog, it's not really the solo, it's the tone/effect for me that doesn't do justice. That's just my opinion, don't kill me 😁
  13. Man I've been watching a few of your performances, I can't imagine how challenging it must be to play perfectly a 15/30/45min performance. I'm a guitar player, and I've never played drum, but you surely does make me want to ! I would love to see you play this short performance, especially what John did at 2:08 ! Bravo once again !
  14. Yeah that's surely a pedal steel for that final note
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