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  1. Audrey

    Beard of the year!

    Yeah Robert!!!!! I knew you could do it.
  2. The song remains the same Led Zeppelin
  3. Happy New Year Audrey!

  4. Happy new year 2008!!!

  5. Happy new year 2008!!!

  6. Happy new year 2008.!!! Hope you had a great night sweetie.

  7. Happy new year 2008!!!! Love, Audrey

  8. Happy new year 2008. Love, Audrey

  9. Happy new year 2008, Love Audrey

  10. Happy new year 2008!!!

    My forever friend Tawny Paul.XXXOOO

  11. I realize that you are trying to be funny with the silly cnt thing. I hope. A word of advice to you. Look around the board and you will see that we are all friends here. Try to get to know people before you joke like that.
  12. Don't hold back. Tell us what the bloody shirt means. Please.
  13. Very hard to choose. I picked over the hills and far away.
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