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  1. The song remains the same Led Zeppelin
  2. Happy new year 2008!!!

  3. Happy new year 2008!!!

  4. Happy new year 2008.!!! Hope you had a great night sweetie.

  5. Happy new year 2008!!!! Love, Audrey

  6. Happy new year 2008. Love, Audrey

  7. Happy new year 2008, Love Audrey

  8. Happy new year 2008!!!

    My forever friend Tawny Paul.XXXOOO

  9. I realize that you are trying to be funny with the silly cnt thing. I hope. A word of advice to you. Look around the board and you will see that we are all friends here. Try to get to know people before you joke like that.
  10. Don't hold back. Tell us what the bloody shirt means. Please.
  11. Very hard to choose. I picked over the hills and far away.
  12. I hope you got to sit on Robert's lap and tell him that you've been a good girl all year. (insert naughty giggle) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU. My good friendxxxooo

  13. Happy holidays to you and your family. Be well, be safe.

  14. Audrey

    Roberts Jeans

    I feel ya. I saw some pics from the 02. Yes he's still got it. I bet your view of it was twice as good. Lucky you.
  15. Audrey

    Roberts Jeans

    Hmmm. No jeans there. That's okay. Now if someone could start a thread called Robert's undies.......
  16. Audrey

    Roberts Jeans

    Great thread. Thanks everyone.
  17. RER is one of the funniest guys on the planet. And one of the sweetest ones too. He works hard from 7 to 11 every night just to make us laugh. Thank you Richard.

  18. Always enjoy reading your posts and replys.

    Glad you enjoyed the show.

  19. Saturday Night's alright (for fighting) Sir Elton John
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