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    Robert Plant, my kids, Led Zeppelin, boating, Robert Plant, making gift baskets, Led Zeppelin, listening to music, Robert Plant, gift giving, Led Zeppelin, shopping, Robert Plant, martinis, Led Zeppelin, etc.
  1. OMG that is sooo sad. I would have been crying my eyes out!
  2. Tears in Heaven ^^gets me everytime. To me, it is one of the most heartwrenching songs. Thank you by LZ - one of the most sincere love songs (imo) Woman - a beautiful love song by John Lennon and... this is a little embarassing but - Everything I own by Bread has tugged at my heart since I was 11 or 12.
  3. On opening day, April 25th, along with Plant/Krauss, the other headliners are Tim McGraw, and Cheryl Crow. Here's a snippet that was in our local newpaper today THE TIMES PICAYUNE TODAY... "They didn't intend for it to be this big. Thanks to good will, good fortune and a goodly investment of cash, producers of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shell have unveiled perhaps the deepest talent pool in the festival's 39-year history. Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Sheryl Crow, Keyshia Cole, Robert Plant with Alison Krauss, and the previously announced Tim McGra
  4. YEAH!!!! I was just logging on to post this! Who's coming to New Orleans?!?!?! If you have any questions, or need a list of hotels, pm me!!!!
  5. well said Bonnie! and it just seems normal whereas if a guy said that to another guy... a...er... I guess that sounds sexist but it's the way I feel
  6. Hello out there on the Canadian side of N.A. Glad to meet up with you here!

  7. Hey sweetie! Thanks for the welcome. Love your screen name - how fitting!

    JuliesLuvsRobert is an awesome lady!

  8. You are a sweetheart! and a wonderful friend!

  9. Hey gorgeous! Nice to see you here:-D



  10. I noticed a few people got duplicate orders. I received my order today for 4 tshirts and only had 3. Someone has my extra tshirt! Has anyone else been shorted?
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