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  1. Personally, I think it was good question, Andrew. Yeah. Much better than "what number print did you get" or "Where was Jimmy at this very moment on this very date 40 years ago". Talk about disappointed. I suggest you never go to a Zep convention.
  2. Fucking BRAVO! God forbid you ask a simple question on here or dare I say share an opinion that doesn't sit well with the "elders" and wannabes of this exalted fucking site. Like John, Robert, or Jimmy even read it. Thank God they don't because if I were them (and before you flame, I KNOW I'm not "them". Check and make sure you know who YOU are before said flaming) I would be embarrassed to have some of these people as fans. And I thought Rush fans were complete c*nts. Every time I come back, I realize why I leave again. Think I'll just stick to the music and DVDs. "Fans"? Not so much.
  3. Exactly! Which is why I created the band with that exact vision in mind. I'm SO glad to hear that someone appreciates that approach. We don't have an official website(yet). But we do have a Facebook page. It's 'Mothership-THE Led Zeppelin Tribute Band'. You have to search it just they way I quoted or you'll get other pages. I haven't been on in a while so I'm not sure what's new but I think there may even be some vids on the page if you scroll a bit. Check it out and give it a "like". If you have trouble, I can send you a link. On a side note: Whole Lotta Love is the one we REALLY change around the most. More than Dazed. I can look for that too.
  4. Speaking of Dazed, I just remembered at another show we actually started Dazed, played the studio version, bow solo, and I came up with the idea that at the end of the bow solo, instead of going into the "jam", he could go into the In The Evening intro, so coming out of the bow solo, we did 2 verses of ITE, then went back into Dazed and finished. There's video of this somewhere too I'm told. Will work on finding that for you as well if you like.
  5. Hi Stairway! (Love the username!). At our debut show in '12, We did a really cool thing. We played Achilles up to about the middle where there's a part of ALS that fits perfectly into the "San Francisco" part of Dazed from TSRTS so we basically medleyed ALS into Dazed and took Dazed from the San Fran piece through to the end. Somewhere there is audio and video from the crowd I'm sure but the people I actually hired to film and record it turned in a steaming pile of crap so I have an engineer doing his best with very little. Haha. But to answer your question, yes there is a video of us doing Dazed at another show but it's not the same.I will try to find it for you. Though it's been discussed, we haven't replicated any specific tour sets as of yet. It's a good idea but it's also predictable in the way that fans will already know what to expect. That's kinda where we are with it at this point. I'm at work at the moment but when I get home, I have all the set lists saved so I'd be happy to share them to give you an idea.
  6. I also meant to add that we play 3 1/2 to 4 hours shows with no break. (and no "help" to keep going) LOL.
  7. Hello all! Some shots from my band, Mothership's show.
  8. Hi Led Heads- I am the drummer for Mothership-THE Led Zeppelin Tribute Band. There is a band with the name Mothership in Canada( and I think Italy) but we're in Delaware, USA. I saw someone post on here about wanting to see a band that goes for the live versions. I put the band together with that exact frame of mind. My philosophy was pretty simple...Led Zeppelin didn't play like the record live, why should we? We go for the live "feel". The whole 'tight but loose' theory and it's been really successful. Plus, I'd be bored stiff playing the LP versions note for note every single time. I CAN do it but it takes all the fun out of it IMO. I'd like to try and get some videos up but there aren't many so I'll have to look around. In my opinion, NO ONE nails the record versions like GTLO! I've jammed with Paul Hammond and Billy Childs from GTLO on a couple of occasions and it was stellar! They are great guys and amazing players! Like GTLO, we do not go for a "look". When I see the band Kashmir's clip in this thread, I can't get past the blonde hooker wig or the fact that he doesn't sound like Plant any more than Jim Nabors would. I don't think the look or dressing up lends anything to the performance. I mean, a band could absolutely BLOW playing the music but look good doing it? Nah, I'll pass. LOL Anyway, those are my thoughts.
  9. I've always been curious what Bonzo thought of Peart as well. Anytime I hear Peart talk about his influences, he never so much as mentions Bonham. I guess that would make sense his not being an influence since they could not have more polar opposite drumming approaches, but he's almost dismissive like he's never heard of Bonham OR Zeppelin.
  10. Dear Cosmic_Juice, Walter, and lcondo123, I offer my sincerest apologies to the three of you for my trite and downright rude replies. It was uncalled for. Cosmic- I don't have a specific "date" necessarily but the whole movement did fade quicker than I think people expected. My personal opinion of why it happened sooner is because I think people were so happy to see ANY style knock the pretentious, pretty boy, hair bands, off their high horses, it could have been anyone and people would've still gravitated toward it just to overthrow the hair garbage. Eventually people figured out that there wasn't as much depth and longevity with grunge so it was more thought of as a fad. Kinda like disco. That's all I can offer on your request. Walter- I probably shouldn't have even replied to your post. My apologies. lcondo- You are 100% correct and I have offered my best attempt to acknowledge the question and have given the best answer I could. Maybe it's Facebook PTSD or the fact that I know how things can get on this forum, but I went into immediate defense mode without taking a sec to put it in perspective and engage in the conversation. Whatever the reason, it was an inappropriate response and again, I apologize.
  11. I don't think there is such a law. Kinda like there's no law against someone expressing their opinion about grunge on an open public forum. NEXT!
  12. "Site"? I already see that your grammar will annoy me more than Grunge so I don't think I'll engage. But thanks for the warm welcome!
  13. Cheers, Mr. Jones, and for what it's worth, he hasn't been forgiven for it nor will he ever be from me. His fad didn't last so THEN he decides he wants to play Rock and Roll. You know, the happy rock and roll that makes one feel good and not suicidal or depressed. Don't even get me started on Dave Grohl. I doubt the site has enough bandwidth for that rant. Hahahahaha
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