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  1. For those interested in the names and stories of those killed this week here in Southern California here is an article from the Los Angeles Times with their names and their stories. Sadly some of the people who died were from other lands who came here to seek a better life; a life that was cut short for reasons we are all familiar with. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-san-bernardino-shooting-victims-htmlstory.html
  2. Well. maybe she just thought they were clocks.
  3. ^^^ That's nice, my sister used to be a hairstylist and her salon offered free styles to anyone who donated to that organization. Just beware however that they don't accept highlighted or "bleached" hair, so be sure to check out their website before sending them hair--- in case that applies.
  4. LIVIN

    Make me laugh!

    An Englishman, an Irishman, and Scotsman man are drinking in a bar. A fly lands in the Englishman's whiskey. The Englishman is incensed, and pushes his drink away in disgust and asks the bartender politely for another. A fly lands in the Scotsman's man's glass. The Scottish man looks at the fly, shrugs, laughs, and just drinks the fly down without a problem. A fly lands in the Irishman's glass and the Irishman is absolutely furious. He picks out the fly, and violently shakes the fly over his glass while screaming, "Spit it out ya wee bastard!"
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    Hey y'all

    Welcome to the forum Mr. Brown.
  6. Number killed is at 14. Several news sources, and also some in law enforcement are mentioning the name Sayed Farook (or Saeed Farooq) as being "of interest" in this event.
  7. Right now I'm just watching news coverage of the ______ attack in San Bernardino California.
  8. You know you can't win, so why not give up.
  9. Yep, the older he gets they just stay the same
  10. LIVIN

    Va Va Voom!

    LOL SW, you aren't even a mildly interesting bridge dweller, either intentionally or by accident. I like this one too... Miss Landers from Leave it to Beaver
  11. Which is why he must now die.
  12. My generation The self absorbed asshole fucktard douchebag generation
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