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    Doing this life with my bride. Riding Indian motorcycles. Hunting with my dogs. Climbing into ancient ruins and learning of the past. Helping those who are seeking a way out of addictions.
  1. Hey Kingzoso. Good hearing from ya. I don't know if JPJ had a castle or not. That was 1969 we were young and full of fun. I had no reason to doubt what he said at the time nor did I think that I would not eventually make it to England to visit him. In those days travel here, there and everywhere was not a problem. Time has rolled on and I still have not made it to England and I don't think I would travel there now. I am to set in my own ways to be insulted and/or ridiculed by airport security in any form or fashion. And, I got to many other irons in the fire. I was fortunate to have a friend w
  2. Sometimes I get dates mixed up like when I was mustered out of the service 1967 and the Seattle Pop Festival. Shucks I was hoping that one of the original group would be present at this JBLZE event. I have never been to one. Regardless, if you have an address for JPJ send it and I will mail him some salsa and jelly. We grow our own and make our own organic salsa and Jalapeno and Habenero jelly. We have been told by many out west, its the best. Thanx for the date correction.
  3. On May 30th the AVI Casino, Fort Mohave, Arizona is having a concert called the Jason Bonham's Led Zepplin Experience performing Led Zepplin I and II in their entirety. I am curious to know if any of the original Led Zepplin musicians are going to be present. I am asking as I would like to find out if John Paul Jones is going to be there. Under a strange circumstance back in 67, John Paul Jones and I met standing on the sidewalk in front of the musician's tent on Saturday of that awesome concert in a cow pasture. He advised me afterwards, if I ever get to England to come to his castle and remi
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