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  1. Led Zeppelin II is the ultimate headphone album! Page is such an underrated producer. There is stuff in there that can only be heard on headphones. The freak-out part of WLL is really cool, but so is the whole album. It's not easy playing air guitar with headphones on, but I can't help it when that HB solo takes off. Amazing, even after hearing it for the millionth time! It is interesting how MD segues into BIOH almost like HB does into LLM. Speaking of LLM, Page may not have liked it, but I love Plant's stuttering at the end. The dirty sounding guitar on LS, the riff on MD, Page really shines. But he does on each album. What I found listening to this album on headphones is that Page put some of his guitar parts low in the mix. He knew what talent he had in the band to let them be out front on certain parts. So put on the headphones and enjoy this great album all the way through, no need to fast forward. You might miss something you never noticed before.
  2. Is there a more forboding beginning to a Zeppelin song than In The Light? What a brilliant song! The start just creeps up on you. You can feel the tension here. Love how it speeds up at the 3 minute mark. Now listen! JPJ shows his chops here. Everybody needs the light! Miller Lite tonight. Page's guitar in the back of the mix is cool. Certain songs have a feel to them. In The Light was other-worldly. And it flows right into Bron-Yr-Aur, Zep's most beautiful song. This could have been called Four Guitars. If there ever was a song I could play on guitar, it would be this one.
  3. I would have loved to have been in the room when they first heard the drums coming back over the speakers on WTLB. Wonder what Page's reaction was? I think Page really comes to the fore in his producing on this album.
  4. The last solo from For Your Life. Not very long, but man you can feel the raw emotion coming thru! Sounds like Page was lettin' off some tension here! What a great song from a great album. Try it, Friend!
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