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    I play guitar, and piano. I have a 71 les paul custom black beauty, and a 04 epiphone les paul standard sunburst. I have two acoustics and a banjo which really baffles me.
  1. Im thinking Pink Floyd, for sure. Although, David Gilmour was pretty adamant about saying "Not going to happen" when asked on an interview I saw.
  2. I just heard from a friend of my cousins friend who says that Axel Rose will be the new singer. They are working on an album, but it wont be out until 2020. Rock on!!!
  3. How embarrassing that people would say things to her like that. Why is it that some "fans" cant let it go. The man might not want to do the damn tour or album with the boys. If he doesnt want to do it, how is that her fault? It always ends up with a stupid Yoko joke. I saw Page and Plant in Lexington, Ky in 95....very satisfied. I heard and saw tapes of the O2 show...again, very satisfied. I dont need to bash anyone on this board, but come on. Would I love to see PPJ and B tour?? Of course I would, I would kill to see that. But i will not hurl insults at an innocent bystander like Alison Kraus
  4. In studio, I would say Jones. In concert, no doubt, for me would be Page. I keep hearing new stuff everytime I listen to Jones on their albums. What a world class musician in a universally appealing band. Page live? Forget about it....
  5. Oh well, how about Dead Zeppelin. There wont be any name other than Page, Jones and Bonham. What a shame, it would have been really cool to see them as whole as I will ever see. Still, I do wish Robert all the best......
  6. I hope someday my kids dont read an article about me being " a drug addled rock star". Or maybe I do............
  7. I have got to agree with this, he is Keef after all. Just listen to Monkey Man. He got caught at a weak moment and slagged Zep, so what. He knows what a powerhouse Zep is. What exactly did he say anyway? I have seen them twice in the 90's and he was awesome. I think I will let him slide on this one. BFD. Right?
  8. That rockabilly solo always was my favorite, too. I can play some of it, not all. Gets a little tricky for me, still it is a blast to play. I thought I was the real deal when I could play Celebration Day of TSRTS. Looking back, its not that hard. Oh well. The solo from NQ on same is unreal, never could get that down. Sounds like a man possessed!
  9. I just got that! Killer! I saw them back in the day in Richwood, OH. Blackflag opened for them as I slept (passed out). Really hard rocking dudes, wiiiiilllldddd show and crowd.
  10. Love seeing the SEC dominate the bcs again. UK is no big shakes this year either.
  11. Man that sucks, hope you are on your way to recovery. But, you know when UK kicks your tail tomorrow......hopefully! Go Big Blue!
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