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    Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, tumblr, classic rock, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Malcolm Young, David Gilmour, and too many more things to list. Oh, and singing. I'm teaching myself how to play guitar, as well!

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  1. He did do a single by himself after The Yardbirds, the song i do remember is called 'She Just Satisfies' but I forget the name of the other one.
  2. Okay. So I really want to know what she sounded like, and the only thing I've found that looks like she was filmed was from this picture. And I don't know if it's anywhere. If anyone knows about anything she can be heard talking in, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!
  3. No, the same thing is happening to me. If I click on them they don't load at all.
  4. I've got a folder for the March 21st Seattle concert in '75, here you go!
  5. Bron-Yr-Aur. It's so calming, and there's also a version they did while in Bron-Yr-Aur where Carmen is laughing in tha background She's about 16 months old, and it's so cute. Robert also does some humming, and there's also drums (without symbols or bass drum or snare.) You can hear it here!
  6. jimmyplant1969

    Young Jimmy

    Hoping that this one isn't a repost, but I LOOOOOVE him in this. It's early Led Zep, 1969, so he's 25.
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