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  1. site was originally named something else//// tyvm for comments, usually rappalo can find out really cool stuff on lz nobody else would remember. i am edwin
  2. it's all topsy turvy. i thought rp was going to work with alison again/that would my guess at this point in time/ since jp said he sees no sign of a reunion? you can bet they will focus of separate productions
  3. He says the same thing over and over. From was Stairway stolen to he will do a studio album and tour. Well these have supposedly been in the works since 2013. I mean not to bust anyone's chops or anything but many would love to see a tour. >,8-)~
  4. Well that's an awfully cute lazy....good luck to you and your little girl.
  5. well, who produced led zeppelin? who remastered the lz catalogs?
  6. Today we plan on moving some furniture around and some files. Will not be long, just a quick stop in to say ello. >,8-)~
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