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  1. 1. Led Zeppelin 2. Pink Floyd 3. Red Hot Chili Peppers 4. Dire Straits 5. ? between Queen / The Police / Jimi Hendrix Experience
  2. One of my favourite song ! Which version do you prefer ? For me, it is either LZIII or Htwww, but all are great !
  3. Over the hills & far away, just before the Rain song but I chose Oth&fa because the guitar intro is so cute Third No quarter (I prefer it in live)
  4. I: Dazed and confused / Babe i'm gonna leave you II: Ramble on / Heartbreaker III: Since i've been loving you / Tangerine IV: Stairway to heaven / Rock and Roll HOTH: Over the Hills and far away / Rain song PG: Kashmir / In my time of Dying Presence: Achilles last stand / ? TSRTS: Stairway to heaven / No quarter Celebration day: Since i've been loving you / Kashmir
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