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  1. Who does it need defending from? If someone thinks Four Sticks is shit, that tells you far more about their judgement than it does about Four Sticks.
  2. There's collectors. There's obsessive collectors. Then there's full-on whackos who buy little toy vans if it says 'Led Zeppelin' on the side. Brilliant! 😂
  3. It's going to be a five-year dark, cold winter after the election, chillum...😕
  4. Fanboy in crowd: 'The Song Remains The Same!' Diamanda: 'No it doesn't, motherfucker!'
  5. All tribute bands are 'the worst'. Just say no, kids...
  6. Those 9ft trans-dimensional lizards will never be done...😉
  7. Isn't this pretty much the same reason Robert gave for not wanting to sing Stairway at the Atlantic thing in 1988? Not exactly a revelation, then...
  8. Pity they talked Gorman out of slapping that gobshite, Gallagher, though...
  9. 'I can't be arsed' - brilliant! Exact same reason as Jimmy, too...probably.
  10. I can make plenty of really ugly faces - howcome I can't make a single handsome face?!
  11. While I've got a face, Margot Robbie will always have a seat... Ah, come on, someone was always gonna crack wise with that one. Oops, I said 'crack'...
  12. With all this 50th anniversary malarkey, here's hoping Paul Watkins' book will finally be reprinted. I've got the free versions of the chapters from that Murders of August '69 website, but have never even seen an actual copy of the book itself - and I've been looking since 1982!
  13. Dickhead Williams now reckons he was so plagued by 'ghosts' that he was nearly driven to suicide. Hard to sympathise. Sorry. Not sorry...
  14. Led Zeppelin: Black Mountain Side II: Moby Dick III: Out On The Tiles IV: Nope, I can't choose one - sorry, all! Houses of the Holy: The Crunge Physical Graffiti: Bron yr Aur Presence: Candy Store Rock In Through The Out Door: South Bound Saurez Coda: Bonzo's Montreaux
  15. Vot is zis 'baby'?! Thing is, it only looks bizarre, peculiar and embarrassing from this perspective - because the context in which younger British people in the late '60s and early-mid '70s sometimes wore Nazi regalia has now been lost. From a 21st-century perspective, it's hard to grasp that people did this just to wind-up the older generation who never stopped banging on about how they'd 'defeated Hitler'. Prior to things like Rock Against Racism raising awareness of the racist connotations, the Nazis were just the faintly ridiculous baddies with the stupid marching and salutes that we'd beaten in the war. And it made your granddad tetchy if the bassplayer from The Sweet wore a swastika armband on Top of the Pops. None of it was meant to signal any sympathy with Nazi ideology - I doubt if Steve Priest could spell 'Birkenau' if you paid him - which is why it all stopped once RAR, etc, managed to make people understand the implications. And when the penny dropped, you thanked God that your granddad had 'defeated Hitler' and you realised exactly why that generation reacted the way they did to daft kids sporting swastikas for what they thought was 'a laugh'.
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