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  1. Appalling. 30 degrees C, massive humidity, no breeze. You can feel the mugginess all around you like lukewarm piss (er, I imagine!). Only on Monday, the useless Met. Office promised four days of unceasing siling rain and thunderstorms. We had a storm for an hour at 3.00 a.m. this morning, that's it. They just make this stuff up.
  2. It's a good point: if you pay for insurance (car, house), you don't refuse on principle to make a claim on it when you need to - you put the claim in and they pay out, right? Dunno how it works in the US, but the UK's National Insurance is the same thing - you pay it out of your wages, so you're covered if you need it in future. If you've paid into an insurance scheme it doesn't make you a skiver if you make a claim on your insurance - and you don't view any payout as a 'benefit' , do you? You're getting what you paid for. Same with NI. As for working for your dole money: bullshit - if you make a claim on your car insurance, you don't have to clean the insurance company's toilets for six months as a condition of being paid out, do you? Same thing. And just as the payout on house or car insurance isn't limited to the amount you've paid into the scheme, neither is NI. Once you're in the scheme, you're fully covered. Or should be. We all know what a set of welching bastds insurance companies are, though! Anyway, things people do that rub me up the wrong way? They exist...😉
  3. I'm starting to see a pattern...
  4. The most glorious creature that ever lived. Hey, someone had to be - it just happened to be her! Eh? What do you mean 'subjective'?!
  5. Indeed. He's done enough, surely? He's Jimmy Page, FFS, he's earned the right to do (or not do) whatever he wants. Hands up anyone who really believed any of that 'playing live/new album...next year...' stuff? No, me neither.
  6. Nope. Not doing it. Fourth album is perfect as it is and can't be improved upon. There's very few records that you wouldn't change a single second of - but Led Zeppelin IV is one of them.
  7. I'm a miserable, anti-social bastard. I've also been sober every second of my life. It's probably not unconnected...
  8. What's bad about We Love Lesbians...?
  9. Imagine if it was worse than Walking Into Clarksdale, though...😉
  10. Absolutely. Best way to look at it - keep it as it is, don't risk devaluing it with the prospect of ever-diminishing returns.
  11. Well spotted, Steve and all good points. Suggests that the released version of Scarlet could include several splices, with sections repeated to create a longer track. Also that no.2 is a still unheard jam with Jimmy, Keith and Stu.
  12. Thing is, producer boy insisted that 13 sounded as much like 1970 Black Sabbath as possible - even down to rejecting riffs if they didn't fit the 'immediately post-first album' vibe he was after. I don't think 13 is the album they'd've made if left up to their own devices. I'm ok with Zeppelin putting a full stop on it after the O2.
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