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  1. Indeed. If the media likes somebody, they get a free pass. If they don't and they see a chance to put the boot in, they'll pick on anything - and any hint of Nazi imagery is an open goal to them. They don't actually care - it's just an opportunity to give somebody a slap. Prince Harry in fancy dress? I laughed. Half of Prince Harry's paternal aunties were married to actual Nazis and Hitler would've put his great-uncle David back on the throne if he'd won - but Prince Harry hasn't got the brains to even know any of that, let alone understand it - he was just a braying lout, taking the piss. British tv used to be full of fancy dress Nazi and Hitler pisstakes - mockery and ridicule are very good tools for undermining something. That's probably part of the reason Mel Brooks wrote The Producers in the first place.
  2. I'd say none. It was an easy way to piss off the older generation. That's it.
  3. Indeed not! Only (only!?) got to 28 degrees here, but that's 82 degrees in real temperature - in September? WTAF, man?!
  4. Nor me. It's finished - the 02 put the full stop on it. Let it lie.
  5. 'The Mirror God will chop off Thatcher's head and kill the seven demons in her! As soon as this interview is out, it will happen!' said Lee Scratch Perry in 1990. She was gone that year - of course it was down to Lee, what else could it have been? And that's after he'd already tried killing her with his farts! Rest easy now, you crazy fuqr.
  6. It's not what drew me in. But it's an interesting extra layer, no? Kids' tv in the UK in the '70s was so full of this stuff, we're now known 'The Haunted Generation'! Ace of Wands, Children of the Stones, The Feathered Serpent, Unsolved Mysteries, Shadows, Raven, The Owl Service - even a kids' series about Boudica had druid magic in it, including blood sacrifices in the groves! All this when you were having your tea after school - we were well primed for this stuff.
  7. Still never heard the squeaky bass drum pedal - don't want to either!
  8. 😂 Brilliant - can't unsee that now! 😂
  9. The 'extended' version isn't extended in the sense of a horrible '80s 12" version - it's pretty much the released version except that it carries on and finishes after the point at which the released version fades out. It doesn't have Jonesy's keyboard solo, but after the point at it's faded on ITTOD there's some great 'vocalising' from Robert and a short not-quite solo from Jimmy. It also sounds as if Robert sang the whole thing in one go. Well worth hearing.
  10. I'm only bothered about one thing: do I like it? All My Love? I like it. Not even vaguely fussed what style it's in.
  11. Just kids having fun. Er, so I've heard...🙄
  12. Barely, mate - 30 degrees, five days in a row...in Yorkshire?! WTAF, man? It's a lot easier to warm up when it's cold than it is to cool down when it's hot, eh - how the hell is that fair!?
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