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  1. Just kids having fun. Er, so I've heard...🙄
  2. Barely, mate - 30 degrees, five days in a row...in Yorkshire?! WTAF, man? It's a lot easier to warm up when it's cold than it is to cool down when it's hot, eh - how the hell is that fair!?
  3. F*ck, f*ck, f*cking f*ck - as the dear old Queen Mum used to say! I'm sat under an open window in the coolest part of the house and my clothes are literally soaked through with sweat, the very air is like an oppressive miasma of pish and I've got a pressure headache from the orrible glowering hell of it. It's grim up North! BBC weather forecast for this coming weekend? 'It might rain - but it might not'!? She literally said that. How do they get actually paid for spouting that guff?!
  4. Marty from the church and the rhythm section from AAE go down the winding lane to the old railway arches and find the Floyd at twilight. The dripping piano, the understated repetition, the circular build up, the single chord that breaks the tension to give release, the lead line at the end, the music box piano coda.
  5. Marty Willson-Piper, formerly guitarist with the church, has something called the In Deep Music Archive. He's currently in the process of moving it from Penzance in Cornwall to Porto in Portugal, but might well be interested and it would keep your collection together. I really would give him a go - Marty's a brilliant bloke and an absolute record fiend and he'd ensure your collection was looked after properly, too. This is the Archive website, but he's also easily contacted via Facebook (he does respond). https://www.indeepmusicarchive.net/
  6. No fear of that, Chillum - I never go out in the sun if I can help it. I'd faint clean away like a Southern belle! No, I'm not a goth. I said I'm not a...oh...😉
  7. It hit 29 degrees in Sheffield yesterday. There's no excuse for such savagery.
  8. Life is trial and ordeal, Chillum...😉
  9. Absolutely f*cking murderous. It was 20 degrees at 7.00 a.m., FFS. Vile. Gulf Stream, f*ck off!
  10. Hilariously, it used to be the bowling green of a Conservative Club and they used to make a big thing of it having the best grass (...) in the Midlands. Sutton in Ashfield, south-west of Mansfield - all the glamour jobs...
  11. Bad, Chillumpufer, bad! I had to venture into the badlands of Nottinghamshire this morning and when I got to the site, the council bloke failed to show up with the keys - so I had to scale a 6ft brick wall and hack through a site full of 5ft brambles. In 23-degree heat, goddammit! I hates me the tropical South!
  12. Brigante


    Where's the fun in that, though? Taking the piss is part of an Englishman's cultural heritage...😇
  13. Brigante


    No sorrows, Strider, so none of the above. I didn't even watch it - don't have the vaguest interest in football.
  14. Brigante


    Condolences to everyone who got their hopes up. The little kids next door were gutted. But this is England and football, after all - they had to learn sometime, poor little sods!
  15. Brigante


    I'm guessing that England lost, then...?
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