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  1. Dodgy heroin, dodgy needle. Or, - of all the rotten luck - Tommy just slept awkwardly with his arm under him. Hmm, let's see...
  2. Eric Bloodaxe and the Disco Pumas. The Not-Really Brothers. The Exploding Mountbattens. Fistduckers. Police Car.
  3. Robert play second guitar? What was it Jimmy said when he saw Eddie Kramer's photos of Robert with his guitar outside Stargroves? 'That fucking prat - I told him never to touch my guitar!', wasn't it? 😂
  4. I saw him sing a bit of a Kylie song once. Doesn't mean he's wrong about Radiohead, though...
  5. Yeh, we always used to howl whenever Glenn Hughes trotted out that 'Tommy fell asleep on his arm' yarn. As feeble excuses go, that's up there with my homework ate the dog and Skylab fell on my nan...
  6. Baffled as to how anyone could hear anything other than 'where I've been', to be honest! I'm in the 'no solo needed' camp on this one, too.
  7. It's been at least a month, so...
  8. I hear you, Rodders...
  9. Had an Australian girlfriend in the early 90s. Broke up when she went back to Oz and wanted me to go with her. Couldn't be done - can't even stand the heat and sun of a British summer, so can you imagine if I'd gone to Collaroy Beach?! 🥵
  10. Yes, Sherry Jackson was the best of em - followed by Marianna Hill:
  11. Depressing. Snow, cold and wind all gone. Blue skies and mild, now - in February, FFS! Spring is coming - even to Yorkshire! I'm not happy. Ok, ok, I mean, I'm even less happy than usual...
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