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  1. Because Jimmy preferred Zeppelin's music to be visceral and emotional, rather than pristine and technically perfect?
  2. Which girl is more attractive? Eva Green - in any comparison, with any girl, anywhere. Eh? What do you mean 'subjectivity'?! 😉
  3. The UK's Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer have both gone down with coronavirus - farcical embarrassment and shame on par with when we had a Chancellor of the Exchequer who'd once failed a maths test to be a bus conductor! This country's a joke, man.
  4. Yeah, there's these things called 'jokes', see, and...oh, never mind. 🙄
  5. Hilarious - the world goes to shit, but Robert Plant might've been off-pitch for half a second 50 years ago. I'll alert the media...
  6. I agree totally - go for it, win or fail. Far, far better than diminishing returns on the formula treadmill.
  7. Yeah, but the most vapid crap like Agadoo and The Birdy Song outsold that by many millions. That doesn't mean they're better, right?
  8. It was funny when he sang a bit of Kylie during it on the tour, though. Well, ok, maybe 'mildly amusing' is more accurate...
  9. Brigante


    Yeah, he's good-bad, but he's not evil... 😉
  10. 😄 Has Jimmy not usually shown barely-disguised derision for bands who mimic Zeppelin, though?
  11. Oh, yeh? My father was a coal miner, my mother was a hospital cleaner, I've never had an iphone and I don't drink herbal tea. But I loved Stairway To Heaven from the first time I heard it - which was while I was a kid at the biggest, shittest comprehensive school in industrial Sheffield. Hey, working class people like music too - who'da thunk?!
  12. Brigante


    Yeah, but what if you bought one of them £49 bags of rubble and you got the brick that Chorenzon lives in?
  13. Who does it need defending from? If someone thinks Four Sticks is shit, that tells you far more about their judgement than it does about Four Sticks.
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