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  1. Then there's the 448 times Ginger Baker should've got punched and wasn't...
  2. 'Now do you wanna dance?' 'No.' Be like George.
  3. Lads, lads, let me get this straight: it wasn't Kurt, it wasn't Kurt's songs, it wasn't Butch's shiny production, it wasn't the big record label and it wasn't the alterna-rock culture change - it was because...they got a new drummer? Hmmm...🤔
  4. I've played drums since 1977, but the only time I ever even noticed owt Grohl played was on Killing Joke's Death and Resurrection Show. Nowt else he's done has ever stood out to me. Anyhow, I will buy this book, obvs, but I'm not really surprised that it's called 'Beast' - publishers bigging up the rock pig hi jinks will get them a few sales over and above the ones to people who want to know how often Bonzo practiced the Purdie shuffle, etc.
  5. 🤣 Welcome to the Precipitation Party, Chillum! It's godawful again, here. Warmer at 10 this morning than it was at 2.00 yesterday afternoon - and it was too damn hot even then! If I was rich, I'd follow winter around the world. I'm not even kidding, man! When I was a kid, scientists reckoned an Ice Age was imminent - they must've meant 'imminent' in geological time...
  6. Ronson's arrangements hugely transformed Bowie's songs for the better. No question. But did Dave Grohl actually arrange anything or just play drums? I dunno. Now, if you'd made the Woody Woodmansey comparison...😉
  7. Grohl's admitted that he didn't contribute anything to Nirvana's songwriting, Bob. So...nah.
  8. Awful. T-shirt weather for the first time since last September. Sun's like the end of May, there's a cloudless, blue sky and no breeze. April showers? I don't think it's actually rained since February. Oh, look, here comes that existential despair...👎
  9. Kurt hated Grohl - it must be true cos Courtney said so...😏
  10. When I was still doing fieldwork, an American student came to dig with us in her holidays and I remember her trying to get to grips with the UK govt deducting income tax from your wages before you got paid, so there was no need to file taxes at the end of the year. But I mostly remember how her face fell when I told her just how much tax they were going to take and that they'd take National Insurance on top of that too! Ah well...
  11. The Admiral rules! What a face!
  12. Unless it's impassable because of snow, eh! 😏
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