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  1. Brigante

    Make me laugh!

    Why isn't there a Kate Bush tribute act called Kate's Bush...?
  2. No, no, don't hold back, Gibson - what do you really think, mate?! 🙂
  3. I had to do a site visit in Gloucester in 2008 and way down this winding path towards the river, a metal barrier had been put across the track to stop trailbikes getting through - and across the barrier was sprayed 'Clapton Is God'. I'm not a Clapton fan, but I was impressed that someone was participating in the legend 40 years after the event!
  4. Lads, lads, why not just play your own cds - you'll hear the exact songs you want to hear, exactly when you want to hear em and no unwanted repeats! 😉
  5. You know the expression 'As thick as a rhino's foreskin'...?
  6. You think those 'scientists developing super weapons for Hitler' concerned themselves with the grunts on guard duty? Yeah, about as much as Oppenheimer told the valet how to park cars. Chump.
  7. 😲 Yeah, knock it off, you Nazi bastards! There, that's all it took. FFS. Unless you're 12, how the hell do you actually function in day-to-day society with such low wattage brainpower? Unless this is some retard persona you've concocted to take the piss? In which case, well done, PlopFlop, you've played a blinder, mate - very convincing...
  8. Just like Trump and Goebbels? 😲 😂 😂 🙄 Dude, please...
  9. Yeah, but there's not much mileage in arguing with a grown adult who, apparently seriously, believes that the Nazis never compelled anyone to work for them under any kind of duress and that everyone slaving for them was an enthusiastic National Socialist. Let alone some clown who actually stated that the presence of German scientists in the post-War period means that 'NASA was a Nazi organisation.' My granny and her little doggy are still laughing at that one - and they've been dead since 1968... Flaccid nonsense? You've got an established track record on here of running away with dubious and flimsy notions and asserting them as cast-iron facts, way beyond the level that the evidence supports. Say that statement of yours out loud: 'NASA was a Nazi organisation.' That sound you can hear is all the stray dogs in a three-mile radius howling in derision. Critical thinking's not a strong point in your house, is it? Or thinking, really...
  10. Clod. I haven't been a 'doctoral candidate' for nearly 20 years. Research or follow-up into stuff on here? I've been too busy laughing at your National Enquirer-level brainfarts and the effortless way SAJ kicks your feet out from under you at every turn. It's like outwitting a 12-year-old.
  11. Exactly. Yet in PeaceFap's brain that basic fact somehow becomes 'NASA was a NAZI organisation until the '70s' ? Wait...what?! FFS... Good one - I congratulate you on your diplomacy and restraint there, Steve! 😄
  12. Yeah, good one. Almost funny. I'll just leave this here: my PhD supervisor was Professor Sir Ian Kershaw. And yours wasn't.
  13. Huh?! 😲 There's intellectual cheques that some brains clearly can't cash...
  14. 'I've got 'friends' who'd give me fuck all.' That's a universal truth, right there.
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