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  1. Vot is zis 'baby'?! Thing is, it only looks bizarre, peculiar and embarrassing from this perspective - because the context in which younger British people in the late '60s and early-mid '70s sometimes wore Nazi regalia has now been lost. From a 21st-century perspective, it's hard to grasp that people did this just to wind-up the older generation who never stopped banging on about how they'd 'defeated Hitler'. Prior to things like Rock Against Racism raising awareness of the racist connotations, the Nazis were just the faintly ridiculous baddies with the stupid marching and salutes that we'd beaten in the war. And it made your granddad tetchy if the bassplayer from The Sweet wore a swastika armband on Top of the Pops. None of it was meant to signal any sympathy with Nazi ideology - I doubt if Steve Priest could spell 'Birkenau' if you paid him - which is why it all stopped once RAR, etc, managed to make people understand the implications. And when the penny dropped, you thanked God that your granddad had 'defeated Hitler' and you realised exactly why that generation reacted the way they did to daft kids sporting swastikas for what they thought was 'a laugh'.
  2. Thing is, we've already got Stryder's 1977 tour diary on here for free - and that's by far the best Zeppelin 'I was there' account I've ever seen.
  3. Did Bill Graham and his crew not have a reputation for intimidation and throwing their weight about? In which case, it rings hollow when they come off worse and cry about it. There's always someone harder than you.
  4. A combination of post-War English working class diet and basic NHS dentistry?
  5. Hilarious - when some clown says that about Presence, it tells you a lot more about their dismal lack of judgement than it does about Bonham. And no, Presence doesn't have a bad mix. A bit metallic and not much light and shade, maybe - but 'bad'? Fuck, no.
  6. Saw an interview with Wall once where, totally unbidden, he went: 'No, I won't read your fucking manuscript!' Oh, ok. Can't remember anyone asking him, but there you go. I remember how he used to bang on about how he'd been Sabbath's press officer and how awful, boring and miserable they were - and then he wrote a book about them for the money. Chump...
  7. By this point, most bands and record labels view youtube as free publicity, surely?
  8. No one actually believes any of Jimmy's 'promises' any more, do they? Seriously?
  9. Wall's deluded, too - he actually thinks he's a writer of some standing. Nay, of distinguished merit! Snort...
  10. Presumably, this is the stuff that wasn't good enough to get into Jimmy's photo book?! Underwhelmed, much?
  11. The only thing those playlists do is drive home the point that compilation albums are completely superfluous these days - anyone can make their own and it'll be virtually indistinguishable from an 'official' version. Except that the compiler won't have left off any of your favourite songs...
  12. Stuff like this always makes me glad I've never done merch!
  13. 'Real drummers', 'proper drummers, 'playing to impress' and 'mediocre technically' - four quotes from this thread which give you a clue about Gibson's priorities. Fuck the content, stand back in amazement at the technical ability. Yeah, that Shakespeare - couldn't spell his own name the same way twice, what a shit writer, eh...?
  14. If Buddy Guy had Jimmy's money, would he still be out slogging around? Maybe, I dunno. You have to wonder, though...
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