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  1. Brigante

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Everything about Robbie Williams makes me think that Bindon might have had his uses, after all...
  2. Brigante


    Saw UFO at Sheffield City Hall in June 1978. During the long solo in Rock Bottom, Mogg left the stage and Michael Schenker went to the front and centre, stood the Flying V upright on the stage, knelt down behind it and played the whole solo like that! I've never known if he always did that or if it was just that his guitar strap had broken and he was forced into it!
  3. Brigante

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Hilarious - UK construction hasn't involved digging with shovels for decades! I've been an archaeologist for 18 years and have worked on many sites where construction's been going on - and not once have I seen a groundworker use a shovel, other than to put cement and pebbles into a mixer. I have, however, had many of them come over to our trenches and stand there gawping at us shovelling, like it's some antiquated practice from the Dark Ages (sorry, Early Medieval, arf). Robbie will probably have to hire specialists who know how shovels work...
  4. Brigante

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Time to let Choronzon have a word with little Robbie... https://uk.yahoo.com/news/robbie-williams-gets-permission-underground-212000094.html
  5. Brigante

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Steve seems to have nailed the reasons why it hasn't gone the way people hoped it would. Sounds plausible to me. Anniversaries don't mean anything to me, so I've not been disappointed, but I can see why others might be.
  6. Brigante

    Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple

    'Tommy Bolin can't play for shit!' Ah, come on, it was only a joke when Bonzo said it the first time...
  7. Brigante

    Walking Into Clarksdale - Rediscovered

    Exactly - a point that's usually overlooked. I'm no fan of Albini's (I'd say he actually ruined P.J. Harvey's Dry - the earlier Peel sessions versions of those songs sounded far better). Most Albini 'recordings' sound flat and lack dynamics and that's certainly the case with a lot of WIC, but Robert and Jimmy produced it and signed off on it - and Charlie Jones actually remixed some stuff for b-sides and those versions also sound flat and lifeless. There's more at fault with WIC than just Albini.
  8. Brigante

    "Okay" heard in Achilles?

    I've never heard the phone ring in The Ocean or the squeaky bass drum in SIBLY and I can't hear this either - sorry! I don't actually want to hear these things, though - once I hear that damn squeak, I'm sure I won't be able to UNhear it...
  9. 106. That's okay - I've felt about 110 for the last 25 years, so...
  10. Brigante

    The True King of Rock and Roll

    Hah, I read this thinking it was going to a Little Richard thread...
  11. Jimmy will probably want to spend three years bringing the quality of those 12-14 hours of footage up to date from 2003 standards first, though...
  12. And me. I was born in, like, 1804 or summat and I've only got computer and internet access at work, no smartphone, nowt. This is Yorkshire - it's like 1985 round ere...
  13. Brigante


    Back in the late '80s/early '90s, this bloke, Fred Robbins, was a Banshees uber fan and basically made his living selling tapes and videos of them. At one point, he put hundreds of his rare Banshees photos onto VHS and sold that - basically, a photogallery of stills on video. I never bothered with it, so I don't know how they looked - but could this be from something similar? Maybe one of a series of photos on an old VHS, hence the lines that look like the tracking was off, copied to dvd? I dunno. Just a thought.
  14. Studio Magick is the one for you, then, macdog.
  15. Brigante

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    I once punched a gaffer into a trench. Well, he called me a 'cunt' and when I said I wasn't a cunt, he tried to throw me into the trench and when that failed he threw a punch that missed, so, y'know, what option did I have, really? Frightfully unseemly for an excavation in the grounds of the vicarage at Wath Upon Dearne but, well, this was 1980, so I was a bit livelier then! There's probably a queue to knock Robbie Williams into a trench...
  16. Brigante

    Tea For One

    Tea For One is a wonderful song. Have to say, I've never seen it as a divisive song - I know some people say it's too long and others compare it to Since I've Been Loving You, but I think it's perfect as it is and I actually prefer it to SIBLY. Tea For One resonates with me more. Robert sounds like he means it - like it's personal and he's inhabiting the lyric, not just singing it. Given the circumstances, you believe him. Jimmy's guitar matches the mood and sentiment perfectly, too. Wonderful stuff.
  17. Brigante

    Jimmy's mystery necklace

    After all the 'partially gay' stuff in the other thread, I was hesitant to look at this 'necklace' post...
  18. I've only heard two Kiss songs - and one of those was a cover. I serious on u ass!
  19. Brigante

    Jane's Addiction Thread.....

    Indeed, Strider - that indefinable, mercurial 'other' just didn't seem to be there any more. Not that I saw any of those Relapse and later shows in person - I've only seen dvds of the various tours since they reformed and I know that cameras can't always capture the magic that's there in the hall itself, and some are better than others, but none of the ones I've got have that indefinable thing that the '86-'91 shows have. At first, I thought that Jane's were one of those bands where it was the particular chemistry created by those particular people that produced the result and that without Eric it just wasn't going to have the same effect. It's more than that, though, because you're right - even when Eric came back for a bit it still 'lacked a certain something'. Whatever spirit they were channelling first time round, didn't fully reappear. I know what people are getting at when they say it needed Casey to complete the circuit, but I suspect it was also simply that the time had gone, really. As you say, 'they were just rock stars' by then and the Jane's of 1986-'91 were so much more.
  20. Fcking funny. Sid was described by Rotten as 'quite possibly the most talentless, useless individual in history', but there's two Sid & bass yarns that make it worthwhile: Rotten's sarcastic line about Sid deciding to teach himself bass by staying up all night with Can's Tago Mago 'cos he thought he could master that in an evening'! And Rotten's quip after Sid had whacked the redneck over the head with the bass in San Antonio: 'Oh dear, Sidney's guitar appears to have slipped...' Classics, both.
  21. Brigante

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Salewicz says that 'Plant looked on approvingly' when Jimmy charged them for it, too...
  22. Brigante

    Jane's Addiction Thread.....

    This - absolutely. A perfect distillation of Jane's and the reasons why they possessed that same magical 'otherness' that straight-up Zeppelin imitators never even vaguely approximate. I saw Jane's at Sheffield Leadmill at the end of January 1989 and they totally stormed it. If I said that they carried a half-feral Zeppelin vibe, with a 1000 volts up its arse, but with post-punk, funk, tribal and psych elements instead of the blues, it'd be an accurate enough description - but it wouldn't convey even half of it. All these years later, I'm honestly not sure if I can articulate the impact of them opening with Up The Beach and Whores, and then into 1%, but when Strider says 'it changed your molecular structure', I know exactly what he means. All the stuff you've heard about early Jane's gigs being surging, mythic, oceanic, shamanic and flat-out fucking mesmerising? It's all true. You knew right away that this was something special, something completely beyond the norm. I've never seen another band have that effect. To be in the presence of that in a small club like the Leadmill? I was right - I really don't have the words...