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  1. He'd been shagging two sisters. Then he got one of them pregnant and had to give the other one up. But he thought about her and would be with her again in future. You all know what I'm saying...
  2. Judge em by their actions, not their words and all that...
  3. Yeah, I've heard I Like Em Big. Unfortunately. Would've been better having Etty removed...
  4. Just signed up to play Morticia for Tim Burton...
  5. Brigante


    Mac - Jack Russell/Lakeland Cross, 2000-2017. Funny, affectionate, ornery, clever, loyal and brave. Couldn't've asked for a better dog.
  6. Ey, he's not wrong an' all...
  7. Excruciatingly bad. Beyond toe-curling. Boycott!
  8. Tickencote Church, Rutland. Mid-12th century, rebuilt 1792.
  9. Yes, indeed. I'll see that Button To Button and raise you with this:
  10. The core of this is still closer to Carmilla than your Vampyr, Blood and Roses or Blood-Spattered Bride. What's that? Yeah, Ingrid Pitt and Madeline Smith aren't too bad...😍
  11. Which o' youse rotters mentioned Seven Nation Army?! Nooooooo...
  12. 'It just so happened that Presence was a guitar album, so it was only right that In Through The Out Door was a keyboard album.' Yeah, right. That's the only reason, eh...? 😄
  13. Could it've been Tanz Der Youth, who were some bloke out of the Damned and his mates? They did some support slots at the time, to univerally bad reviews!
  14. This - at last, someone else remembers the way it actually went! Getting kicked off the tour for being too good makes a good yarn, but it's a myth just like the one that has Van Halen blowing Sabbath off stage every night. They certainly didn't do that at the gig I saw in Sheffield, which was the first night of the 1978 tour - even though Sabbath blew the PA at the end and had to scrap the encore!
  15. Seeing as Glenn's in the Dead Daisies now and has that as an outlet for his rock side, I can't help wishing he'd make a solo album of funk and soul songs. Never satisfied...
  16. Sabbath as the first metal band makes sense from this perspective, but it's a retrospective designation. Hard rock's bands like Thin Lizzy or UFO, isn't it? Sabbath are palbably different to those kinds of bands, so I've never thought of them as hard rock. I agreed with Geezer when he said he'd always thought of Sabbath as 'heavy rock' - that'll do for me.
  17. Let's hope that judgement sets a precedent for future chancers and nerkers! And yes, make Malfoy and co. pay the court costs. Hey, fair's fair.
  18. Nah - Crom is my god. He dwells on a great mountain. What use to call on him? Little he cares if men live or die. Better to be silent than to call his attention to you; he will send you dooms, not fortune!
  19. Thing is, if someone shits on you and you go back for more, they're going to respect you even less than they already did. But I'm a grudge-bearing, bitter old bastard, so good luck to em! 😉
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