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  1. Yeah, basically. I liked Led Zeppelin's music and thier previous 7 albums, but when I started listening to ITTOD, it was like a whole different band. So dissappointed.
  2. Exactly, some are easier to figure out than others. So figure out the ones you can. All I'm saying is shy away from just using tabs, and certainly don't rely on them.
  3. My point is, don't go straight to tabs. If you've really kicked your own ass trying to figure out the song, then use them. And as for chords, if you know any music theory, you'd know typical chord progressions (such as the 3-chord theory). If you really can't find out what the chord is ( possibly due to extreme distortion?), it's better to get actual sheet music or look up what chords they are. Tabs make a close-minded music-player, not a musician.
  4. No, it's not really copying when you use your ears. Chances are, you'll be playing the right notes, but with a different fingering. That's why you use tabs AFTER you've learned a song, and mastered it. The only thing they're good for is teaching you different playing styles, which, don't get me wrong; that's also useful.
  5. I've just got to put this out there: In Through the Out Door SUCKED I love all their other albums. They're my favorite band ever, and I'm a hardcore fan. Yet I hated that album.
  6. Want some advice? DONT USE TABS UNLESS YOU KNOW THE SONG Honestly, find out what key it's in, put your fingers in the position of that key, and figure out the notes one-by-one. It's the only way to train your ear, so you won't get stuck to tabs. And if it's in a different tuning, just watch the video of it. It's so much better for training than using tabs. Using tabs isn't learning, it's copying
  7. That was like that car commercial where the zombie pops up. It totally caught me off guard, and pissed me off.
  8. It's on all of them, I think it's just mixed in with the previous song on the DVD.
  9. I wasn't there, but it seemed like in the main video for Black Dog, RP looked like he was struggling to belt out the notes.
  10. Guitarglenn, I don't know how much forum experience you have, but you're going to have trouble recovering from this one. If people get pissed at your post...just silently walk out of the room. BACK ON TOPIC. I do sort of agree though. I listened to several bootlegs, and I couldn't hear the solo in GTBT well at all, a lot was drowned out by the bass. But hell, it's Led Zeppelin! Their performance was awesome, and that fits the bill for me.
  11. My parents already agreed...if there's a tour, I'm getting out of school to see the show. I would just love to be able to say, "Led Zep was a band when I was a kid".
  12. Too bad there was no STH... I have a feeling that because they didn't play that song, they're not done yet. But the GTBT solo (...) amazing... From now on, every time I mention GTBT, I'll put a "..." at the end of my sentence...I advise you to follow...
  13. Ok, stop bashing the guy for making up "false rumors" or "lieing" or "trying to feel important". He's just sharing his interpretation of the known facts, something many of us have had trouble doing. To me, it sounds like a good interpretation, I'll follow it.
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