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  1. Occam's Razor - the principle (attributed to William of Occam) that in explaining a thing no more assumptions should be made than are necessary. We have been promised "new" live recordings. There are precious few multi-tracks left. Abby Road Studios is the world's best at "De-mixing" old recordings. Therefore, Jimmy is working on sweetening some new mixes of bootleg recordings to release officially.
  2. I found it on eBay. Have ordered and should arrive Wednesday, here in USA. About $64. Will let everyone know how it looks.
  3. It is a DVD file. It is still formatted in 5.1...I think "Blueray" only enhances video. So, DVD audio should be the same. Most Blueray players will also play DVDs, as well. I may be wrong...
  4. apologies...yes, DVD. I'm an idiot. Dolby 5.1. Will edit my initial note...
  5. First post, long time lurker. Why no chatter? Couldn't wait to get home to start listening. Packaging is great, per usual. Got #912, my first below 1000. Have only listened and compared 3-4 songs. As compared to 2007, seems a bit crisper to my ear. Just started the DVD...need to adjust my rear speakers before commenting much, but like HTWWW, the DVD 5.1 disc may be the jewel. Will listen to vinyl tonight. I know it's a retread, but I'm happy to listen to something new that I know Jimmy Page spent lot of time on.
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