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  1. It's Led-Zeppelin-Day on Radio 21 (german) http://www.radio21.de/radioplayer/hannover
  2. The forth time Led Zeppelin was mentioned in the german magazine 'Bravo' (51/1969). Whole lotta woman Translation: 'Led Zeppelin found no time to produce a new single. Whole lotta Woman was taken of their LP'
  3. Or the other way round: what made these years so special? Authenticity and passion! This is what Robert Plant is showing in the Beat-Club-videos. Why these videos were not shown on TV in 1969 or 1970: Led Zeppelin haven't been famous enough in Germany (That's what I think, I'll show an example in another thread http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/13008-random-newpaper-articles/&do=findComment&comment=837336 ). Have you seen the Beatclub-video with the Yardbirds and Jimmy Page?
  4. Today in our newspaper: Jeremy: Now I too have a song that won't leave my head. That makes me crazy. Father: You know songs about DNA? Jeremy: >>? hey, no need to translate!
  5. The footage mentioned above were first published in 09-2009 in german TV-station 'Einsfestival' in a show to honour the 'Mick Jagger of Bremen' Jochen Laschinsky, who is a great fan of Led Zeppelin.
  6. One of the best documentations I ever saw. And I assure you: EVERY WORD IS TRUE! Pity that you can't ask my dad what it has meant to him in 1965 when his lovely little girls became monsters ☺ Okay, I was a lucky one who was able to hear Radio Veronica and Radio Caroline but in other parts of Germany it was not possible, so the Beat-Club was a window into the world.
  7. Back from a wonderful night at Lyon. Unfortunately the cameracontrol was very severe, so I did not want to risk anything. But I'm sure that Mr. Plant will be happy to see at least some moments being documented, especially as there was an enthusiastic audience. The first photo shows the stage in the ancient, 2000 years old theatre, the column-fragments integrated. We sat on the warm stone seats, the moon shining, everyone happy and friendly. You find the setlist in the post above by kenticus. On youtube check this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8RlR0SvKH-MlmIVf5CXu
  8. All day long people are on the phone at Radio 21 telling their stories about Led Zeppelin to win tickets for the Robert Plant's concert in Frankfurt http://www.radio21.de/home/aktionen/der-superheisse-radio-21-konzertsommer/
  9. Best Radio Station (since Radio Veronica) for Classic Rock (german, but always great music): http://www.radio21.de//livestream/ Often Led Zeppelin, several times a day announcing Robert Plant's concerts in Frankfurt and Munich
  10. @ ledded: wonderful photos! How did you manage to take them? Have you had an official permission? As always, in the Lyon-concert cameras are forbidden, and concerning smartphones: I share the opinion that the quality, both sound and picture, are less more than nothing beside the fact that you and your neighbours can't enjoy the show. But with my camera, no flash, tele, display off ... sigh ...
  11. Dear Mr. Plant! It makes me wonder if you are reading here in this forum. But if you do so, please let me tell you that my driveway to my stairway to heaven needs more than one bucket of finest bitumen, you agree? You are welcome at any time (PM please). And I'll pay for it and assure you that you'll get the best apple-juice ever! Yours sincerely Bea
  12. Okay, finally the mystery seems to be solved why Mr. Tristram took the video down. In the opening and end-title there is the "be" missing.
  13. And finally look what you find when you google "Plant Hire"!
  14. Hey, I'm fed up with the green green grass of home And what can be bad with a country where nice people come around to bring you buckets with finest bitumen? (P.S. First I understood: "bitchman" hehe)
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