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  1. It's Led-Zeppelin-Day on Radio 21 (german) http://www.radio21.de/radioplayer/hannover
  2. The forth time Led Zeppelin was mentioned in the german magazine 'Bravo' (51/1969). Whole lotta woman Translation: 'Led Zeppelin found no time to produce a new single. Whole lotta Woman was taken of their LP'
  3. Today in our newspaper: Jeremy: Now I too have a song that won't leave my head. That makes me crazy. Father: You know songs about DNA? Jeremy: >>? hey, no need to translate!
  4. All day long people are on the phone at Radio 21 telling their stories about Led Zeppelin to win tickets for the Robert Plant's concert in Frankfurt http://www.radio21.de/home/aktionen/der-superheisse-radio-21-konzertsommer/
  5. Best Radio Station (since Radio Veronica) for Classic Rock (german, but always great music): http://www.radio21.de//livestream/ Often Led Zeppelin, several times a day announcing Robert Plant's concerts in Frankfurt and Munich
  6. Jimmy Page joins the Yardbirds: first announced in Germany in the "Musik Parade" 20, September 1966. The topic is "War and Peace". I guess it's not necessary to translate... (My first post, hello to everyone )
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