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  1. thanks for the quick replies! ill check out dadgads first.
  2. does anyone know the best quality boot for zeps second berkeley show; september 14th 1971. doesnt matter if its cd or lp. I know there is berkeley daze from godfather and going to california from cobra. they are both from the same source. just trying to find the one that has better sound quality.
  3. it is not totally original. if you listen to robert johnsons music a lot of it is the same but he had very specific licks and phrases which jimmy used for their version. obviously it sounds very different but you can hear where jimmy got a lot of the phrasing for their version just overall from robert johnson.
  4. a bunch of people. all the people are listed in the videos description.
  5. he played here in seattle last year. not a full set but at least it was something.
  6. I saw this in yesterdays paper. seattle times. mention of jimmy starting in the middle paragraph.
  7. I think it should be "most influential" not "best". sibly is better than stairway imo but the phrasing and licks of the stairway solo are more iconic and memorable. sibly is a lot of really fast licks and it is a deeper cut so not as many people know the song . also I think many of the guitarists on there have much better songs that should have been considered, tony iommi has way better solos than paranoid; children of the grave, planet caravan, symptom of the universe just to name a few. comfortable numb should be #1 imo. jimmys my favorite guitarist but credit where credit is due. I have never heard another solo like it that wasnt an attempt to copy it.
  8. he looks so different with his hair like that.
  9. brian may has been quoted saying he was zeppelins biggest fans. here is paul stanley talks about missing the o2 show and seeing them in 1969 (although he says 68).
  10. that was at knebworth but not for the zeppelin show. it was for the fair in 1976. they were watching the rolling stones. oddly enough, despite crossing paths on numerous occasions, I have never heard anything from jimmy page and david gilmour working together or even mentioning each other. they both are good friends with roy harper, jimmy played on one of roys albums that david gilmour produced and yet the never talked about each other. I know robert plant and david gilmour are friends or at least acquaintances. I believe this photo was taken at davids birthday party or something. there are a few others
  11. jimi hendrix said "I dont think much of them, jimmy page is a good guitar player". there are plenty of haters, jack bruce, ginger baker, eric clapton, pete townshend. I heard jim morrison said he didnt like them either but I never saw a legit source.
  12. it is pretty hard to gauge the validity of all the stories because as they recount them over the years the stories always change. during the interview with jimmy and robert the day that jimmy hendrix died, robert says he didnt know jimi but then later recounts that at a show jimi came up to he and bonzo and said that bonzo had a foot like a rabbit. in that same interview jimmy says yes, he met him a few times but then later says that he only met him once but hendrix was so burned out he probably didnt even notice he was there.
  13. seeing jimmy trying to exercise would truly be one of the greatest things ever . it seems like robert was at least mildly athletic as he did like soccer and was in great shape, although that was just his natural build. during one of their shows robert announce that bonzo had been more conscious of his health and managed to lose a bunch of weight on their time off and jonesy was always just a small guy.
  14. while I cant say I dislike it because it never happened, I would have loved for them to have reintroduced baby im gonna leave you when they started doing acoustic songs.
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