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  1. ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ Thank you Luiza! That's one I don't have Edited to add piccie, for this page...
  2. swansea

    Roberts Jeans

    I like this topic!
  3. What women want King Arthur, still unmarried, was beside himself. One question plagued him day and night. Finally he declared that he would not sit down to a feast or change his clothes until SOMEONE could tell him: WHAT DO WOMEN WANT??? He had completely twisted off. The jester spoke up: "I know a witch up in the mountains--she's scary but she knows a lot and maybe she could tell you." King Arthur immediately sent his fastest messenger up to the witch's place. She was fearsome and hideous, but the messenger told her the whole story and asked her if, indeed, she knew what women want, and would she please tell him so that peace could return to Camelot? "Yes," she said. "I do know what women want. And I'll tell Arthur--when marries me. Go give him my terms." When he heard the witch's offer Arthur yelled, "DONE! Deck the hall for a wedding ang bring her here NOW!" Sir Gawain stepped forward: "No, Sire! Witches can be dangerous. Go back," he said to the messenger, "and offer her MY pledge instead of the king's." The witch laughed and said to the messenger, "I'll take that deal. Tell them, the moment Gawain becomes my husband, I will tell Arthur what women want." The next day the witch arrived at Camelot. The messenger blanched: he had told Gawain she was awful, but she was a hundred times worse than he remembered. Yet, Gawain took her hand, inquired after her health, and in every other way made her welcome. Privately, he despaired that he had made such a bargain, but, for his King, he must lay down his life. The hall was ready and everyone was in attendance. Brave Sir Gawain said, "I do." And the witch was as good as her word; she turned to Arthur and told him: "Women want to live their own lives." And the ladies of the court all nodded. But now it was time for the wedding feast, and the witch behaved even worse than she looked. She was rude to everybody, and her table manners were atrocious. Through it all, Gawain spoke to her courteously though she screeched and snarled, passed her dish after dish when she'd thrown her previous portions to the dogs, and refilled her cup when she sloshed it over. And when dinner was done he took her arm and helped her up the stairs to the wedding chamber. Showing her in, he said he would give her a few moments to herself, and then return. She laughed. Alone in his quarters, he despaired again--how was he EVER to go through with it? But he had given his vow, and to that he must be true. Brave Sir Gawain strode back to the wedding chamber, knocked, and opened the door. There stood the most beautiful woman he had ever beheld! Her face was exquisite, her body voluptuous, and her white gown very sheer. Where was the witch? The beautiful woman laughed at his confusion, but gently, and her laugh and her voice were warm and charming. She beckoned him in and he stepped forward in a daze. "Sir Gawain," she said, "my precious stud-muffin, all day long you have treated me with the utmost courtesy and solicitude. In the face of, I admit, horrible provocation, you have been unfailingly gentle and good. So I will give you a choice: I will be as you see me now for half of every day: from dusk 'til dawn ... or from dawn 'til dusk. Choose." Gawain blinked: dusk 'til dawn, and the most beautiful woman in the world in his bed; dawn 'til dusk, and this beautiful woman at his side. "Woman ..." thought Gawain, who had been paying attention; and he answered her: "Lady, you must suit yourself." She ran and threw her arms around him. "In that case, darling boy," said she, "I will be this way all the time." Moral the first: women want to live their own lives. Moral the second: treat her as what you would have her be. Moral the third: old or young, haggy or beautiful--she's still a witch.
  4. I love screenshots... ... so adorable ... and babylicious
  5. Edited to add code (note to self: 'Preview' is your friend...)
  6. (mine aren't as clear as ^^yours^^ are )
  7. (help...) Can anybody tell me why I can't see the slideshow? When I click on the link, I can get to the site, but all I see is a white square, no pix (I tried going into the site and accessing it from there and again I could click on the link but still big white square). I'm on a loaner machine where I'm not administrator -- could that possibly be it?
  8. Knebby scans, I'm sure! Hey, I owe Knebby an apology--I got these from ANOTHER site, having already seen 'em small at a DIFFERENT site, and posted here thinking they were 'out there'... I've been over at the old l-z site madly saving pics, and what do you think I saw...these pics, FROM KNEBBY. My only excuse is that the title of the thread didn't say "Robert" in it so I kinda skipped it when I was going through the pics when I first got there... 'Ray, Knebby!
  9. You look great! (Isn't it fun to see what everybody looks like?) Beautiful beads, too.
  10. I always do, just for this exact reason!
  11. Fascinating stuff! Great thread, Knebby, thank you!
  12. From your lips to God's ear, Aquamarine. I, too, have observed and met the situation you describe. (Well, not my FIRST post, that was in Hot Pics of Robert, but it's happened.) My take on the original post (it didn't strike me as either sarcastic OR negative, merely a recognition that we all still have our particular little quirks enthusiasms--why spend time on a fan forum otherwise--and, that we are all new here) was different from yours, but my feelings about the vitriolic negativity on the old board, and my hopes for a better experience on this one, are identical. How come, when human beings are anonymous and 'virtual', we allow ourselves a level of viciousness that we probably would never sink to face-to-face? That's just wrong. I (too) hope very much that the clean slate will be a real mental cleansing and re-set for us all. Peace
  13. swansea

    Photos !

    OMG!!!! That little gem is *speechless* BEAUTIFUL, UNBELIEVABLE, THE COOLEST!!!! I've hunted up there (arrowheads, vegans) and *thinks* (I've hunted arrowheads, not vegans...) and I've never found anything so lovely. The second one makes me homesick for Wyoming. Edited to add afterthought: Check this out -- Eccentric Flint at the Dallas Museum of Art (official museum picture resized below) -- the picture does NOT begin to really show it, though. It's all pressure-flaked, and it's about 10" long by 4" high, probably less than an inch thick. There are three people in the canoe, faces have expression and fancy headdresses, and the waves underneath even have inside curves. You actually probably could saw somebody's head off with it.
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