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  1. ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ Thank you Luiza! That's one I don't have Edited to add piccie, for this page...
  2. I love screenshots... ... so adorable ... and babylicious
  3. Edited to add code (note to self: 'Preview' is your friend...)
  4. (mine aren't as clear as ^^yours^^ are )
  5. Knebby scans, I'm sure! Hey, I owe Knebby an apology--I got these from ANOTHER site, having already seen 'em small at a DIFFERENT site, and posted here thinking they were 'out there'... I've been over at the old l-z site madly saving pics, and what do you think I saw...these pics, FROM KNEBBY. My only excuse is that the title of the thread didn't say "Robert" in it so I kinda skipped it when I was going through the pics when I first got there... 'Ray, Knebby!
  6. You look great! (Isn't it fun to see what everybody looks like?) Beautiful beads, too.
  7. I always do, just for this exact reason!
  8. Fascinating stuff! Great thread, Knebby, thank you!
  9. Oh, yes. I do love those striped pants.
  10. Love the smile and ya gotta love the striped pants...
  11. Here's one! Thanks to whoever posted it on the old site -- I'm guilty of downloading pics to my own machine without often keeping track of who posted them! He's adorable!
  12. Henrik is a very cool dude! And, great pics, everybody!!!
  13. (edited to add: there's 2 "thanku" s -- I clicked on the one with the signpost and got this one instead ...)
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