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    Bron Yr Aur

    I was fiddling around on google maps looking at old locations in the uk when a thought came across my mind. I asked myself "is a bron-yr-aur on here?" And sure enough it was. I clicked on it and it said Bron-Yr-Aur retreat. I flooded the link it had and came across a website where you can apparently stay at the cottage. Has anyone else ever come across this? Here are the links: 1. main site https://bronyraur.com 2. The page I originally found https://bronyraur.com/product/bron-yr-aur-retreat/
  2. Why didn't Jimmy ever use the fender electric xii live during his Zep career? I understand why he didn't use it for stairway live, but why not for the other songs he used it on?
  3. I read somewhere that he used an Olympic White Strat on Thank You. But I could be wrong. As for the twelve string, why didn't he use it live for Levee?
  4. Jimmy is doing a live stream on the 13th of July, tomorrow, at 2:30 for the U.S and 7:30 for the U.K. The Led Zeppelin website has more info on it: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/news/2015/07/10/jimmy-page-live-stream-interview
  5. I would buy but it's missing the blue line near the bottom and a lot of red paint. I don't know why it bothers me it just does.
  6. He played a Fender Electric XII, a type of 12 stringed guitar, he used the same guitar on Stairway to Heaven, and The Song Remains The Same. It was also used, along with a strat, for the rhythm guitar track on Thank You.
  7. I read some where that Jimmy Page described the album Presence as the band's most important album, proving they would continue and succeed despite their turmoil going on in '76.
  8. Why did Page stop using his Dragon Telecaster? What was the last song he used it on besides Stairway to Heaven? Why isn't there a signature model of it?
  9. What guitar did Jimmy use for Kashmir in the studio? I looked on Rolling Stone and found Jimmy's comment on Kashmir during an interview for the deluxe edition of Physical Graffiti; Interviewer: "What were the roots of "Kashmir?" Jimmy: "Well, I had the ideas for the riff and the cascading part, which is actually electric 12-string and it's brass on the record, from something that I had been working on before we even went to Headley."; Anyone know what it was? I always thought it was his dano.
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