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  1. Well today I was jamming to Rock N' Roll by Led Zeppelin using a backing track that I downloaded, and I decided to record it. Just so you know, I improvised my own guitar solo to this song, I couldn't really be bothered to learn Page's one. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6BLACMVF Please let me know what you think. Cheers!
  2. Is there available video footage of the entire 02 Concert? I have two versions but they are both incomplete.
  3. Hope you have a great time at the gig tomorrow mate! I would kill to be able to see this show but I was one of the not so fortunate ones. I'm still totally excited about this show even though i'm not going!
  4. Like said abovie, hopefully someone here knows someone who is at the V.I.P gig tonight. I'm actually excited about this reunion gig tomorrow and i'm not even going! lol.
  5. Hi guys I'm in the middle of making a website to host my Led Zeppelin bootleg collection for catalouge purposes. This website will also include my latest project which more information will be given nearer the time of it's completion. Anyway, i'm looking for someone who could help me out with a banner for my website? I'm looking for a banner with text that just simply says "Led Zeppelin Bootlegs" in the Zep font. With some cool Zep pics as well. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys! I'm on the very border of Fife. Just about a 20 minute drive from Perth.
  7. He is deffinately a rock legend and an outstanding guitarist! R.I.P Dime, you are missed tremendously.
  8. I know i'm deffinately going to be on the net tuesday morning looking for it
  9. Hey guys Been a huge Zep fan for many many years but unfortunately never had the chance to see them live (as I was born in 1980). Got all their official material though and plenty of their live bootlegs though. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I will get the chance to see them if they decide to tour next year! Cheers! TheIronBeast
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