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  1. Sounds unbelievable! Let me be the first to request your labour.
  2. I usually have to go into the edit section of the file (in "properties" I think) and change all of the info to get them to line up correctly. Every now and then there are several edits needed to be made. Usually I have to add "1" to the title of the first track, "2" to the second track etc. on the real stubborn files. Like 1Rock and Roll, 2Blackdog. Hope this helps.
  3. At about the 16.30 mark he has a fantastic story about Jimmy.
  4. I would love a link to your awesome work.
  5. Try searching for “black beauty Led Zeppelin bootlegs”. Every show is represented here.
  6. Awesome photo. Friend's wife there.
  7. 8/11 had an aud. release to go with the dry sb. You would think there was a good matrix somewhere now.
  8. Fantastic job! I would love a link to the whole show.
  9. Keep your fingers crossed for one of the "Holiest Houses", the LA Forum. https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2020-03-02/steve-ballmer-buys-forum-future-clippers-inglewood The e-mail from businessman Irving Azoff to Lakers owner Jeanie Buss and top advisor Linda Rambis three years ago laid out Azoff’s vision for the future of the Forum and the Lakers. “Here’s my dream,” he wrote in an email reviewed by The Times’ Nathan Fenno. “Rebuild the Forum from scratch. Lakers plus music. Boom.” Rebuilding the Forum from scratch would have meant demolishing the home of the Lakers and Kings from 1967 to 1999 that both teams left for Staples Center.
  10. "The following editions of this Ultra Rare Set are due for release in or about early to mid January;" From site in Japan.
  11. Beautiful girls become prettier by a factor of 4 when they get off to some Zep. Dig the dial phone on the kitchen wall in typical 70's fashion. I wonder what sights the other 15 windows hold.
  12. I think he got ghosted for a while. He was great with the lessons. This is all I could find for NQ.
  13. There are a couple of really good matrices on the Black Beauty site.
  14. I hear the dogs of doom are howling more......
  15. 3/21/75 Seattle at the 2.23.10 mark page plays some Pink Floyd.
  16. Appears so. Looks like a slow drip release to maximize profits ......... The Night Stalker is also available as 1 CD Ltd Ed set with original Oversized Jacket similar to the previously released Empress Valley title Rock Superstars! Empress Valley Label
  17. Am I dreaming? ***Viva La Soundboard Revolution*** The Night Stalker 1 CD - Previously Unreleased Soundboard! The Soundboard Revolution Series Proudly Presents for the very First and Only time anywhere a Legendary, Perfect Soundboard from Los Angeles 1975! The following editions of this Ultra Rare Set are due for release around Mid June;
  18. http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=434 Try here to check.
  19. I once called our local classic rock station that only plays the “Led 5” (RR, STH, BD, RO and MMH). There was a “guest DJ” and I asked him to play No Quarter. He had no idea what the song was but said “Oh yea I like that one “. When the song was over you could tell he was in shock! The manager must have railed on him because he said that he would to pay for that one or to that effect.
  20. You think Winston has a message for Moonchild with his latest release?
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