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  1. 1 hour ago, SteveZ98 said:

    Is it really only 1 CD? 

    Edit: Found more info on AA. Looks like the soundboard is only a single disc.

    " The Night Stalker is also available as 1CD limited set with original oversized jacket similar to the previously released title Rock Superstars."

    Link: http://www.argenteumastrum.com/


    Appears so. 

    Looks like a slow drip release to maximize profits  


    The Night Stalker is also available as 1 CD Ltd Ed set

     with original Oversized Jacket similar to the previously released Empress Valley title Rock Superstars!  Empress Valley Label

  2. Am I dreaming?

     ***Viva La Soundboard Revolution***
    The Night Stalker 1 CD - 
    Previously Unreleased Soundboard! 
    The Soundboard Revolution Series Proudly Presents for the very First and Only time anywhere a Legendary, Perfect Soundboard from Los Angeles 1975! 
    The following editions of this Ultra Rare Set are due for release around Mid June;

  3. I once called our local classic rock station that only plays the “Led 5” (RR, STH, BD, RO and MMH). 

    There was a “guest DJ” and I asked him to play No Quarter. He had no idea what the song was but said “Oh yea I like that one “. 

    When the song was over you could tell he was in shock!

    The manager must have railed on him because he said that he would  to pay for that one or to that effect. 

  4. I remember seeing TS open for Iron Maiden  around 1985/6 in a small venue in Chattaboogie.

    There were 650 of us to see Maiden and maybe 3 for ol' Dee and the boys. He acted like a putz because of the lack of enthusiasm for his candy-ass "makeup rock" and the crowd gave him no quarter. I saw a couple of guys moon him.

    Maiden on the other hand, gave a performance like they were in front of 20,000. The Powerslave tour with the giant mummy and all the bells and whistles. They really lost money on that show and I've always respected them since.


  5. 6 hours ago, TheStairwayRemainsTheSame said:


    To be fair that guy is making a screenplay apparently..


    I'm just curious as to where Ipman has heard or read it was taken via the nose. As I've never seen that in print or in an interview by anyone, anywhere...

    Could the "snort sound" in Carouselambra be a hint?

    Also, if you watch Jimmy in any interview, about every 30 seconds he checks to see if his nose is still there.

  6. Alas,

    Like the junkie I am, I'll be smiling like a big dog the first time I get to hear this new track. 70 poorer.

    I just wonder if we're finally at the end of the road of the "Soundboard Revolution". The best saved for last, one last song at a time.

    Or, we're being fornicated with a ferrite tubular annulus.

    I guess I could be a fan of mowing grass............

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